Top 10 Active Date Ideas and what to Wear.

Top 10 Active Date Night Ideas

Top 10 Active Date Night Ideas 

When the weather is nice and warm, I’ve just GOT to be outside. I love how the sun makes me feel happy and calm. Since the sun can have this amazing impact on me, Bryce and I love to get outdoors for our dates. Some dates have easily become our favorites, so of course we want to share them with you. Our top 10 active date night ideas are casual and exciting all at the same time. We love to get active while still getting that quality time as husband and wife. 

Ladies, how many times have you thrown outfits aside because you’re unsure of what to wear for an “active” date? It’s a date, so of course we want to look cute, but how when there’s a chance we will be sweating?! Don’t worry, I’ve thought of you for this one. There’s an ideal outfit listed for each active date night idea, so you can feel cute no matter the date!


Top 10 Active Date Night Ideas

1- Go on a hike.

We love to go hiking! As you know we spend most of our time in Rexburg, Idaho, and a few months near Phoenix, Arizona. We have found tons of family friendly hikes to do in these areas. I just shared my 3 favorite hikes near Phoenix, and you can check that out here

There’s nothing like getting to the top of the mountain you just hiked and taking in that view. It’s amazing how different the world looks around you when you’re closer to the sky. Having that moment with your favorite person next to you is bound to become a favorite memory. 

Ideal outfit: Biker shorts and loose tee

Biker shorts are the perfect go to for an active date attire.


2- Get pedicures.

OK, will your husband do this? It’s becoming more of a thing now! There’s nothing wrong with wanting clean, smooth feet, so why not spoil yourselves and do it together? Getting pedicures has easily become one of our favorite dates. To turn it into an “active date” you could go on a walk around town or at a nearby park to show off your newly pampered feet.

Also, am I the only one who wonders what to wear when getting a pedicure? You have to wear loose enough pants, so you can roll them up for your calf massage, but if you wear a skirt you may flash a few of your undergarments. Neither of those sound ideal. Thankfully, we have some gemma pants now on sale that are perfect for the occasion.

Ideal outfit: Gemma pants with a fav shirt

3- Go on a bike ride.

Bike rides are so much fun. Whether it’s single or tandem, both can bring a lot of laughter. You could find a nearby biking trail to go on or if you live in a low-population town, the bike lane of the road would work for you. We like to go on trails because it’s a little quieter and more relaxing. 

Going on a bike ride is an easy active date night idea because it’s free if you already have the bikes and doesn’t require any prep. This idea could work even if the date is last minute. Sometimes it’s nice just to get out of the house and move your body for an hour before you prep the littles for bed. 

Ideal outfit: Biker shorts (duh) and a loose tee

4- Have dinner at the park.

Find a nice park near you and pack a picnic dinner or grab your favorite carry out. I know this active date night idea is more on the cheesy side, but it’s an easy pick for us because we just get to spend time together eating and talking! 

After you enjoy your dinner together sitting on a quilt in the grass, you could take a walk around the park to let it settle. This sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it?! I love it because we’ve elevated what’s normally an indoor activity and turned it into dinner and a romantic walk after. 

Ideal outfit: Jeans with a fav shirt

5- Go to the drive-in movies.

Do you live near a drive-in movie theater? It might be worth a little bit of a drive to experience this one. We love those summer nights where we pack the car with pillows and blankets and enjoy a movie on the big screen from the cozy trunk of our car. 

I know watching a movie isn’t necessarily considered “active”, but at least we are outside, right? I just had to include this idea because it’s such a fun activity to do when the weather is nice.

Ideal outfit: Melody pants with a fav shirt

6- Go rock climbing.

If you’ve never gone rock climbing before, it’s a must try. There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new on a date. Besides, you’ll still look so cute doing it wearing the ideal outfit for this active date night idea. 

If it’s your first time, indoor might be the better choice. You could search for rock climbing gyms in your area and check out the reviews before you go, just to get a feel of what to expect. Who knows, this could become your new favorite hobby!

Ideal outfit: Leggings with a fav tee

Wear a fun and flowy dress if you're signed up for a couples dance class together.


7- Attend an exercise or dance class.

I don’t know about you, but when I work out with a group I have a lot more fun and energy! You and your hubby could sign up for a group exercise or dance class for one night only and laugh the night away with the moves you’re instructed to do. 

No matter how well you do with the class, imagine all the endorphins you’ll release from getting that exercise! You’ll definitely go home smiling together after this active date night idea. 

Ideal outfit: Leggings with a fav tee. (or a flowy dress if taking a couples dance class!)

8- Go swimming.

Swimming! An easy go-to activity when you’re enjoying the summer sun. What’s your favorite place to swim? There’s lakes, rivers, pools, beaches, or if you want to keep it on the warmer side, hot springs. 

You could discover a new swimming hole that could become a family favorite, or go swim laps at the community pool. If you go with whatever suits you best, you’ll end up loving this active date night idea.

Ideal outfit: Swimsuit with your fav cover up. 

9- Play your favorite sport.  

How sporty are you and your husband? Is one of you sporty and not the other? Well, no matter if you’re sporty or not you could have a lot of fun playing a pick up game of basketball, frisbee, or soccer. It’s really up to you! 

This active date night idea would be fun as a double date! Grab your friends and turn this into a group date where you can really get a game going. This would be fun whether you’re all training for an actual competition or all just learning a new skill. Just let loose and enjoy your time with your favorite people! 

Ideal outfit: Active shorts with a fav tee

10- Do a water activity. 

I don’t know what it is about water, but it makes everything more exciting. Don’t you think there needs to be more places that are splash pads for adults? That would be perfect! There’s so many fun activities to do with water, even if you don’t want to go swimming. 

You could keep it simple and have a friendly water fight or run through some sprinklers. Or, you could go paddle boarding, canoeing, or on a boat ride at a nearby lake. Whatever you choose, you will look so cute doing it with this ideal outfit! 

Ideal outfit: Swimsuit with a cute and cozy shirt/short combo

Try these active date ideas as a couple or a family.

I hope you have fun with these top 10 active date night ideas. Bryce and I love to get outdoors as much as we can while the sun is keeping us warm! We’ve got to soak up that Vitamin D while we have it. Let us know what date night idea you chose (& the super cute outfit you wore for it) on Instagram @loveoliveco. We’d love to hear from you! 



Top Ten Active Date Ideas and What to Wear.
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