When purchasing a product we want to make sure you find the perfect size on your first shopping trip. :) You will find measurements on each product under their product description. You will then want to measure yourself to make sure that it will be a perfect fit. See how to measure yourself below, but don't hesitate to ask how something fits! Use the contact form on this page, call us at 208-356-9874, or send us an email at service@loveoliveco.com

How to find your measurements?

Need to know where and how to measure yourself. When measuring yourself you will want to make sure you measure your bare skin and not over your clothes. Write down all your measurements and keep them handy when shopping. All measurements on our website are taken in inches laying flat.



Wrap a tape measure or piece of string around your chest (under the armpits) at the fullest point of your bust. Bust measurements on our website are already doubled to see how your measurement compares. If using string, measure it after wrapping around.



The length of the item will be at the highest point to the lowest hem. You may approximate how long a piece of clothing would be on your body by standing straight and measuring from the top of your shoulder down. The flat lay measurement on our website may seem slightly shorter than when actually worn on yourself. Make sure to consider this when picking your size. Skirts are measured from the top of the waist line to the bottom hem, and when measuring yourself you should start where the skirt will be worn on you.

How to measure bottoms?

Bottoms do loosen up as you wear them, so measurements of your comfy denim you currently own may be slightly stretched or worn.



Find a pair of pants that fits comfortably, and lay them on a flat, even surface. Measure the back waistband from one side to the other and double that measurement. Be sure not to stretch them. That number can be compared to our website measurements.



Using the same pair of pants as above, lay them on a flat even surface. With a measuring tape, measure the length from the crotch seam along the inside of the pants, to the bottom hem of the pant leg. This measurement is found on most bottoms on our website for you to compare.

Sizing Guide Measurements Placements

Other items to consider:

  • If you run between sizes, we suggest going up a size on fitted tops.
  • Polyester and Spandex blend will run a bit see through due to the material and a slip is recommended.
  • Rayon and spandex blend will not be nearly as see through. A slip would be recommended if the skirt is a solid color or has a lot of white in it.

Custom Jewelry



Please refer to the image below to determine where you would like your necklace chain to sit on your neckline. Bar necklaces add roughly one inch to the chain length as the chain is not shortened during production (let us know if you want it exact length in the special instructions). If you want the length in between sizes you can add a 1.5" chain extender to any custom necklace. Custom necklaces come with a spring clasp. This can be upgraded to a lobster clasp which is much easier to open/close, and is more durable. Don't hesitate to ask us a question if you you aren't sure of your perfect necklace length.

Dot Choker Necklace


The Dot Choker Necklace fits snugly around your neck. Please be sure to measure your neck using a tape measure or piece of string prior to ordering. If using string, measure it after wrapping around. If in between sizes we suggest sizing up. The choker necklace comes with a 2"chain extender already on it. Measure your neck to be sure the proper size. You are going to love this necklace.



To find the perfect bracelet size, wrap a tape measure or piece of string around your wrist. If using string, measure it after wrapping around. Take this measurement and you can use it to see what size bracelet you would be on our website. If your wrist is in between sizes we suggest sizing up. If your wrist is smaller than the ones we have listed, check the "Children's" size bracelets as they have two sizes smaller. The normal bracelets and children's bracelets are the exact same, except the sizes are smaller. All bracelets come with a 1" chain extender. This means you will be able to change the size for a perfect fit. They also come with a lobster clasp which is very durable, and easy to open/close. We are so excited to start your order.


Model Measurements