Top 3 Easy Hikes for Kids near Phoenix, AZ

Top 3 Easy Hikes for Kids near Phoenix, AZ

After a very long winter, I am on the hunt for all things outdoors to do with my kids! It can be hard to peel their eyes off the screens and encourage them to play outside. My husband and I are trying to get in the habit of taking the kids on hikes to lead by example of what enjoying nature can look like! Today I’m going to share the top three easiest hikes near Phoenix, Arizona, to do with your kids.

How to find a great hike for kids

If you haven’t been to Arizona, you are missing out! While there are two or three rough summer months (ummm hello who survives in 100+ degree heat?!), the rest of the year is absolutely beautiful. Arizona is warm all year round, and the sun is out the majority of the year. This has been a great place to visit and escape from those cold winter months, and has especially helped curb the usual seasonal depression that comes on during winter time. 

The warm weather also means that there are more outdoor activities available to my kids through the fall/winter season! I read somewhere that kids should be outdoors and engaging in some kind of physical activity 4-5 hours a day. A day! Luckily I have found some great hikes near Phoenix that are easy and fun for the kids.

When researching easy hikes to do with kids, I look for a few things.

  1. The length of the hike- How long do I think each pair of little legs can walk? How long do I think I can walk when inevitably one kid ends up riding piggy back style?
  2. Is the trail easy to follow? - When I research which trails to do, I look through comments from those who have gone on the trail to make sure that the hike is easy to follow. I don’t want to take a wrong turn and end up lost and hiking 10 miles trying to find home.
  3. Educational opportunities- does the trail have any history or education to offer as we walk along? Are there any signs or materials to help teach kids about the environment around the hike?
  4. Bathrooms- because, well, if you know, you know. And if you don’t know, you’re welcome for this heads up. Making sure there is an accessible bathroom nearby for everyone to take a stop at before beginning the hike is a must!
  5. Elevation- a trail might be short, but make sure those little legs can handle the elevation. You don’t want to start a trail and find yourself huffing and puffing two minutes in on a vertical incline. Cue whining kiddos!

To find easy hikes for kids, I love using resources like, or even hopping on Pinterest to find recommendations. Here is what I found for easy hikes with kids near Phoenix, Arizona.

Top 3 Easy Hikes for Kids near Phoenix, Arizona

#1 Hole in the Rock Trail - while this trail ranks #5 on for easy hikes with kids, I put it first on my list here because of it’s length. If you’re just starting to take your family out on hikes, it’s better to introduce your kids to short hikes and help them warm up to the idea. This hike features a ‘hole in the rock’, and the comments talked about other little trails surrounding this main feature. I love when a hiking area has multiple trails that I can take my kids back to and discover a new area each time.

# 2 Bajada Nature Trail - This trail is one of my favorite to do with kids- a loop trail! My kids always complain that they are seeing the same features over again when a hike is out and back in, but a loop trail keeps it interesting for everyone! This is a really simple 0.7 mile trail with very little elevation and lots of beautiful nature to soak in!

# 3 Telegraph Trail - There are bathrooms!! This hike is longer than the first two, clocking in at 2.2 miles. Once you’ve warmed up at Hole in the Rock, this hike would be perfect for exploring. There are great views of Phoenix, and did we mention- bathrooms!! (it’s worth repeating twice!)

Mom outfits to wear on a hike with kids 

Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, water bottle, and a few snacks! When preparing for a day out with kids, I’m looking for the most comfortable, breathable, and cute outfit (for the gram!). I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pieces from Love Olive Co, check them out!

what to wear hiking with kids

These biker shorts are super comfy, with an elastic waistband and hit just above the knee. The shorts come with a matching top, but you can pair them with any shirt you like!

easy hikes with kids

I know what you're thinking - a jumpsuit for hiking? But hear me out! Especially if you're doing short hike like Hole in the Rock or Bajada Nature trail, this is the perfect outfit to take you from a quick hike with the kids to a Target run on the way home. Super comfy, light-weight, and stretchy!

Getting out and being active with my family has been such a wonderful way to connect and enjoy the beautiful world around us. Finding easy hikes to do with our kids has brought us closer together as a family and I wouldn’t change it for the world! What are your favorite, easy hikes to do with kids in your area? Let me know in the comments!