Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks.

Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks

How are your lips doing this winter? The cold weather can be rough on your lips, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top winter lip care tips & tricks that will leave you feeling ready to get your healthy and happy lips back! 

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6 things every woman needs in her wardrobe.

6 Things Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

If you're looking to refresh your closet, make sure you include these 6 things every woman needs in her wardrobe! These are staple pieces that will stretch your wardrobe and leave you feeling beautiful.

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winter fashion trends for women we are obsessed with.

5 Winter Fashion Trends for Women We Are Obsessed With

How in love are you with your winter wardrobe at the moment? Our wardrobes should be ever changing with new clothes we find. Lucky for you, there’s still time to update yours with items you’ll want to wear over and over again this winter season. Here are our 5 winter fashion trends for women we are obsessed with! 

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3 modern french tip nails you can do yourself.

3 Modern French Tip Nails You Can Do Yourself

How do you feel about french tip nails? French tip is a classic style that has been around for quite some time, but we’ve noticed some twists with it that we thought would be fun to share! Here are 3 modern french tip nails you can do yourself. Of course, we had to find some of our favorite tops to match with the manicured nails, so we hope you enjoy! 

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5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous.

5 Holiday Party Outfits to Make You Feel Gorgeous

Who’s excited about their holiday parties this year?! For us, the excitement doesn’t start until we’ve found the perfect outfit. Whether you’re looking for company holiday party outfits or something cute and cozy to wear to your neighborhood holiday party, we have 5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous! 

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Love, Olive Co. Gives Back.

Love, Olive Co. Gives Back

We invite you to participate in our special project, "Love, Olive Co. Gives Back" by donating money in hopes to bring a magical Christmas to three families in need. Each family have gone through severe trauma and are so grateful for any help and gifts they will receive this Christmas. Thank you for supporting us so we can give back to our community!

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holiday style guide 2021.

Holiday Style Guide 2021

Shop your favorite looks and trends with this holiday style guide from Love Olive Co. It features a variety of clothing pieces that every wardrobe needs to be functional and memorable.

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holiday nail & outfit inspo you'll love.

Holiday Nail & Outfit Inspo You’ll Love

Check out these picks on holiday nail & outfit inspo you'll love. It has all sorts of picks for this holiday season, making you look and feel the happy vibes this time of year has to offer! We hope you have fun picking out your favorite looks!

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6 winter trends we love.

6 Winter Trends We Love

Check out our top picks for 6 winter trends we love! They are all cute and cozy, perfect for this time of year. We are so glad these items are what's trending! Have fun shopping and we can't wait to see your favorites!

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5 holiday date night outfits.

5 Holiday Date Night Outfits

You have to see the list we put together for you of 5 holiday date night outfits! We know you'll have so much fun shopping for your favorites as we did picking them out for you!

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Thanksgiving Style Guide 2021

Thanksgiving Style Guide

Thanksgiving is getting closer! Do you have plans this year? No matter what they are, we want to make sure you go in style. Check out our Thanksgiving Style Guide to shop the latest outfits and trends you will love!

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