holiday style guide 2021.

Holiday Style Guide 2021

Holiday Style Guide 2021

Today we are going to be chatting all about the top styles to get your hands on for the holidays!  In today’s holiday style guide, we are going to break things down into different sections, featuring the holiday must haves and the many ways that you could wear them throughout the holiday season. 

When deciding what to fill our closet with while shopping for “seasonal clothing” we like to be able to interchange basic pieces that we can wear repeatedly in multiple ways.  With that being said, let’s get this party started!


Holiday Style #1: Christmas Pajamas 

polka dot christmas pajamas.

I don't know if you've noticed how popular pajamas are at Christmas time, but we definitely have. Isn't this polka dot set so cute?! We have several for you to choose from, each being more neutral so you can add in pops of color with socks and other accessories. 

Pajama style guide tip: Don't be afraid to size up on your pajamas to make sure they are loose fitting and comfortable for you. After all, they are made for you to sleep in! You can always do a front tuck to control some of the extra material. 


Holiday Style #2: Shackets/Flannel  

flannel shacket holiday clothing.

Flannel is a classic material style that we don’t think will ever totally go out of style.  We love that you can layer with flannel and that most flannel tops are flattering when you wear them both, buttoned up and unbuttoned (turning it into a "shacket").  This muted tone of Christmas colors is the PERFECT holiday top.  Not to mention, flannel is extremely warm.  This is a huge bonus in our book!

Flannel style guide tip:  Pick a flannel top that you can wear with both black bottoms and denim bottoms.  Pick flannel colors that you are comfortable in and make sure that the flannel pattern you pick is flattering to your body.


Holiday Style #3: Boots

winter and holiday boots and trends.

The boot trend is absolutely killing it this holiday season!  Again, we love that boots easily dress up an outfit or dress it down depending on what style of boot you choose.  We can’t get enough of the ankle boot trend that is growing at a rapid pace.  A good boot can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a dress.  One of our favorite holiday outfits is to wear a dress, tights, and a good boot.  You will be a showstopper for sure!

Boot style guide tip:  Pick a staple black boot and a staple brown or taupe boot for the holidays.  If you have a good boot in each of these colors, then you will always have a pair of shoes to wear with any holiday outfit!  Be smart when boot shopping and make sure that you pick boots that will go with the different outfits you have in your closet. 


Holiday Style #4: Christmas Sweaters

christmas sweaters trending this season.

We know ugly Christmas sweaters have had quite the trend over the past recent years, but we thankfully have Christmas sweaters that are actually really cute! So, make a note to do your Christmas sweater shopping with us this season! We also have TONS more sweater options beyond our Christmas edition, so make sure not to miss out on those either! 

Sweater style guide tip:  Pick sweaters that flatter your neckline.  Be careful not to pick a sweater that is too bulky or it will make you look heavier than you actually are.  If doing a front tuck, try tucking in more material, moving back toward your hips. This will give a more flattering look. 


Holiday Style #5: Warm Dresses

velvet christmas and holiday dress. 

Nothing sings, “holiday party” like a dreamy dress. If you’re going somewhere fancy then you will obviously want to wear a more elegant dress, but we love pairing a knee length dress with a cute pair of boots for the perfect day-to-day look! Every girls needs a velvet something in their wardrobe! If you're still needing one, let this dress be first! 

Dress style guide tip:  Pick a dress that gathers at the smallest part of your waist.  You will be amazed at how flattering this will make the dress on literally every single body type! 

Whether you are traveling or staying home for the holidays this year, I hope that this holiday style guide can take the stress of not knowing what to wear off your plate! For more style tips you can visit THIS POST.

Make sure to check out our Love Olive Co. holiday releases every week right HERE. We have so many good new releases lined up that you will not want to miss!  You can also follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco. Happy holiday shopping, friends! 

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