Thanksgiving Style Guide 2020

Thanksgiving Style Guide 2020

Thanksgiving Style Guide

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and that means you need to figure out what you’re going to wear on the big day! Thanksgiving is a great time to see old family and friends, and you need to make sure you look great when you see them, right? Even if you have to do Thanksgiving 2020 social distancing style with zoom calls to family and friends, you will want to look your best on camera! To help you decide what to wear, here’s Love Olive Co.’s Thanksgiving Style Guide for 2020.

Thanksgiving Style Guide 2020 from Love Olive Co.

There are so many great styles this year that can work great for a holiday meal while also being comfortable enough to wear all day. The key is in the fabrics. You want fabrics with a bit of stretch to them. This way you can eat that extra roll and not feel like your pants are too tight! 

Here are some outfits that will be perfect for the holidays this year!

Thanksgiving Style Guide 2020

For a dressier look while still staying comfortable and cozy, try a dress! There are a lot of different styles to choose from in our store and online in our shop. 

Sweater dresses are perfect for those days you want to look great and be comfortable!

Sweater dresses are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Another dressy style that I love is the overall dress. It’s a great way to mix up your look. Pair it with a chunky sweater for extra warmth.

This corduroy overall dress looks great paired with a chunky sweater.

For a more bohemian style, there are some gorgeous maxi and pioneer style dresses out right now, too. They are loose enough to be comfortable and the embroidery and patterned fabrics keep them looking fresh!

Bohemian chic is the perfect dress style for Thanksgiving.

Not into wearing dresses on Thanksgiving?

Next up on our Thanksgiving Style Guide are outfits that incorporate jeans and pants.

When you're wearing jeans all day, make sure they have great stretch to them and they aren't too tight when you're sitting down. You can also substitute leggings in any of these looks if you want to up the comfort factor!

Just like earlier, chunky sweaters will be your best friend when you're thinking about that second slice of pumpkin pie! 

This striped sweater reminds me of candy corn and caramel apples. It's perfect for Thanksgiving! 

This sweater from my Thanksgiving Style Guide is giving me all the fall vibes.

Pair your sweater with a wide brimmed hat and you'll be selfie-ready in no time! For more tips on styling a wide brimmed hat, check out this post.

Don't forget your hat for the perfect Thanksgiving 2020 selfie.

This sage green sweater is so soft and cozy, you'll feel like you're wearing a blanket. And the combat boots are a super hot trend this fall!

A chunky sweater and combat boots is the perfect combo for Thanksgiving.

If it's too warm for sweaters where you live, try pairing a flowy top with your jeans and leggings. You get the same comfort factor without sacrificing style. 

The perfect Thanksgiving 2020 outfit.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year. I wish I could wear multiple outfits because I just can't decide what to wear for the big day! What's your favorite outfit idea from our Thanksgiving Style Guide?

To shop these looks and more, check out my shop, Love Olive Co.


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