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6 Winter Trends We Love

6 Winter Trends We Love

We are moving closer and closer to full on winter! (If some of you haven’t already, of course.) One of the things that makes the colder months more bearable are outfits! Wouldn’t you agree? Here are 6 winter trends we love and we know you’ll love them too! All of these picks are cozy and cute, which is exactly what we want for this time of year. 

Have you noticed any winter trends yet for the season? We’ve noticed several and we are here for all of them! We had a lot of fun picking out some of our outfits to match these winter trends, so we hope you have fun browsing and shopping your favorites! 

6 Winter Trends We Love

Winter Trend #1: Sweater Vests

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How do you feel about the sweater vest trend? We are here for it!! We have our Eden Sweater that is a fun twist to the vest. It’s a little looser than a traditional sweater vest, but stays true to the original with the sleeves only covering the shoulders. That way you can pair this sweater with a cute long sleeved blouse or tee underneath, and we have so many cute options for you.

Winter Trend #2: Shacket

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We know shackets are quite the hot item right now. We have several you will love, but we are showcasing our favorite one of all: the Gwyneth Shacket. It’s sooo cozy and it’s neutral color pattern will make it easy for you to match it with almost anything. 

Winter Trend #3: Sets

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Sets, anyone?! Who doesn’t love a cozy set, especially for these colder months. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re wearing pajamas all day, and looking super cute while doing it. This is our Jetta Set in the most beautiful burgundy color. But don’t worry, there’s more colors for you to choose from on our site, so shop to find your favorite! 

Winter Trend #4: Cardigans

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We are so happy cardigans are still a trend for fall and winter. The thicker and looser, the better. We have our Frontier Cardigan that is perfect for this season. One trend we’ve noticed is pairing a sweater cardigan with an actual sweater. So don’t be afraid to layer up with those cozy fabrics because you’ll be warm and fashion forward! 

Winter Trend #5: Boots

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We couldn’t let this post go by without including some boots for these winter trends! Everyone loves a good pair of black boots for winter, and our Gianna Boots do not disappoint. These boots are shiny and have an elastic feature that makes it even easier to slip on. But be careful, once you put them on you’ll never want to take them off. 

Winter Trend #6: High-waisted, Flared Denim

winter trend, high-waisted, flared denim. www.loveoliveco.com

Of course, we had to throw in one of our favorite pairs of denim! This is our Sunny Plain Flare Denim we cannot stop obsessing over. It follows the flare denim trend that’s coming back, but it’s not too crazy. So if you’re thinking about trying out the flared trend, this is the pair to get! Plus, it has the high-waisted feature we all love. 

We hope you enjoyed our top picks of the 6 winter trends we love! Let us know which ones become your favorite over on Instagram! You can follow us @loveoliveco. And, if you missed it, here’s our Thanksgiving Style Guide!

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