6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet. www.loveoliveco.com

6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet 

Halloween is just around the corner! We are so excited about it because we rounded up some of the best costumes just using some pieces from our closet! It’s always a great thing when you can piece together a costume using clothes you already have, and that you know you would wear again. So, here are our 6 DIY Halloween costumes from your closet! 

This is a post we do every single year. It’s become a tradition because we always have a lot of fun finding things we already own to turn into fun costumes! We hope you find some inspiration from our list and maybe even some new pieces you want to order to add to your closet for your Halloween costume and even just to wear! Because like we said, you can wear any of these clothing items all year round in so many different ways! 

6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

DIY Halloween Costume #1: Nancy Drew

easy nancy drew halloween costume. www.loveoliveco.com

First up is our Nancy Drew Halloween costume. We created this outfit using our Hardin Pants, Bingo Top, and Cedar Coat. So cute, right? You can add in a simple briefcase and a makeshift spyglass and you’ve got the complete costume! And the best part is that you get to re-wear all of these items in so many different ways for the rest of the fall and winter seasons. 

DIY Halloween Costume #2: Hippie

fun and cute hippie halloween costume. www.loveoliveco.com

This hippie costume is super simple to put together! We are using our Tabtree Dress. It is bringing out all the hippie vibes you could ever want for a Halloween costume. You could easily create this look with several different dresses that are flowy and floral. We have several more you can browse through HERE. Next, tie a hair scarf around your head and even throw in a fun pair of earrings to complete the look. 

DIY Halloween Costume #3: Cowgirl

quick and easy cowgirl halloween costume. www.loveoliveco.com

This cowgirl costume is so simple and so cute!! You could honestly pull this outfit off just about anywhere, but we’ll say it’s a cowgirl costume for Halloween, haha! We created this cowgirl costume using our Haisley Dress and Jessica Boots. Don’t worry, we have the boots in a flat style as well. Check them out HERE. And, of course, we can’t forget the cowgirl hat to complete the look! It’s the frayed detailing all along the bottom of the dress and the sleeve cuffs that do it for us. You’ll be the cutest cowgirl in the room with this costume on!

DIY Halloween Costume #4: Top Gun

top gun halloween costume for women. www.loveoliveco.com

This one has to be one of our favorites! Considering the movie just came out recently, we’d say this is a timely Halloween costume. We created this look using our Caysie Jumpsuit and a simple black baseball hat. Add a little Top Gun tag to your jumpsuit and done! So simple and can be done in no time. Plus, you know you will be wearing your Caysie Jumpsuit so many times after Halloween!! So cute, right? 

DIY Halloween Costume #5: Rock & Roller

rock and roller halloween costume. www.loveoliveco.com

We have the coolest Rock & Roll tee shirt dress for this Rock & Roller costume. There are several graphic tees that give these same vibes, but a tee shirt dress? That’s perfection. Finish off this costume with a bandana and some hardcore sneakers or booties and call it good! 

DIY Halloween Costume #6: Train Engineer

cute train engineer halloween costume for women. www.loveoliveco.com

This one might be a stretch, but you could totally pull off this look as a train engineer! We’ve got our Liliana Jumpsuit that is the showstopper for this costume. And then you can add a hat to pull it all together. We linked a similar one HERE. Finish the costume with an ascot around your neck and a pair of “work” boots

6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet 

We can’t wait to see which outfit you put together from these 6 DIY Halloween costumes from your closet! If you want even more inspo for your Halloween costume, check out these posts: 

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six halloween costumes you can diy. www.loveoliveco.com
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six diy halloween costumes for women. www.loveoliveco.com
6 DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet. www.loveoliveco.com