DIY Easy Halloween Costumes from

DIY Easy Halloween Costumes

Do you love Halloween but hate buying costumes every year? I’ve got a few DIY easy Halloween costumes that you can create with the clothes you already have! And as a bonus, even if you need to buy a piece of clothing or two for these awesome costumes, you can re-wear it! 

DIY Easy Halloween Costumes 

Another Reason to Buy Overalls: Be a Scarecrow for Halloween!

Need another reason to buy overalls this fall?

Nothing says fall like a scarecrow! Lucky for you, this costume is really easy to create out of your everyday clothes. I paired my favorite black overalls with this super cute waffle weave, striped shirt and one of my favorite hats to create my take on a scarecrow! If you want to get more festive, add some straw or hay sticking out of your overalls pockets and your hat. And for the utmost scarecrow-look, use some face paint on your nose and cheeks to mimic a scarecrow’s face! 

Gumball Machine Easy Halloween Costume:

Have some fun, be a gumball machine for Halloween!

Ok, this costume might seem like a bit of a stretch, but go with me here. Grab some pink leggings, a pink puffer vest or jacket, your favorite polka dot or pom-pom sweater, and some pink hair. Can you see it now? When you put these items all together, you start to resemble a gumball machine! Isn’t it fun? I love this look for any day of the week, but especially for Halloween!

Celebrate Peace and Love by Dressing as a Hippie:


Easy DIY Hippie Costume for Halloween.

Get in touch with your inner hippie with my second easy halloween costume. Grab your favorite distressed jean jacket, a tie dye t-shirt, jeans (bonus points if they’re bell bottoms!), and a bandana. Tie the bandana around your forehead while parting your hair down the middle to get the proper hippie look. Flash some ‘peace’ signs and you’re ready to go!

Play the Tourist:

Play the Tourist with this Easy Halloween Costume!

This costume was so fun to put together! I kept laughing because it’s just so good. For this easy Halloween costume you’ll need a tee or sweatshirt with a tourist-y location printed on it, a fanny pack, comfy sandals or sneakers, a camera, and some sunblock! Or, you can always repeat an outfit you wore on vacation last year. Haha! No, but really, this tourist Halloween costume is really fun. Don’t forget the sunscreen on your nose, that’s the best part!

Do you love making your own Halloween costumes? What’s your favorite costume that I’ve shared here? Start shopping in your closet (or better yet, check out my store) and get your Halloween costumes planned now! 

Fun Halloween Costumes from the Clothes in my Closet!

4 Easy & Fun DIY Halloween Costumes

Fun DIY Halloween Costumes