5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous. www.loveoliveco.com

5 Holiday Party Outfits to Make You Feel Gorgeous

5 Holiday Party Outfits to Make You Feel Gorgeous

Who’s excited about their holiday parties this year?! For us, the excitement doesn’t start until we’ve found the perfect outfit. Whether you’re looking for company holiday party outfits or something cute and cozy to wear to your neighborhood holiday party, we have 5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous! 

There’s something magical about dressing for the occasion, especially around the holidays. We’ve pulled some of our favorite pieces that really embrace the holiday season and we are pretty excited about what we’ve put together. We hope you love these holiday party outfits, and more importantly, we hope you find something you love yourself in!

5 Holiday Party Outfits to Make You Feel Gorgeous 

Holiday Party Outfit #1: Soren Pants & Oscar Top 

red velvet business pants. www.loveoliveco.com  beige sweater thin and cozy for winter. www.loveoliveco.com

The moment we added our Soren Pants to our collection, we knew they’d be included in this selection! The burgundy color and the velvet material make the perfect combo for a holiday party pant. We paired them with our Oscar Top in an oatmeal color, making the pant really stand out. You can complete this outfit by giving your sweater a front tuck. We made sure to choose a sweater that is a bit thinner, to make it look more flattering when tucked in.  

Holiday Party Outfit #2: Landry Top & Nala Skirt 

long sleeved cozy blouse. www.loveoliveco.com  leopard print flowy skirt. www.loveoliveco.com

We are dying over how cute this Landry Top is, but the real show stopper is our Nala Skirt in leopard print! Pairing these two together will definitely make you feel gorgeous at any family gathering or company holiday party. We are obsessed with all the ruffles throughout the top and the color is especially perfect for the holidays! 

Holiday Party Outfit #3: Celia Top & Marcel Pant

long sleeve burgundy blouse. www.loveoliveco.com  black and white checkered pants, business casual. www.loveoliveco.com

This outfit is more on the dressy business side, so it especially fits into the category of company holiday party outfits. Our Celia Top in burgundy paired with our Marcel Pant in black and white is a match made in heaven. All of these colors put together will really make a statement for this Christmas season. If you want to feel like a boss babe at your company holiday party, look no further--this is it.  

Holiday Party Outfit #4: Matilda Dress

flowy velvet green dress for the holidays. www.loveoliveco.com

OK, we know we’ve talked about the Matilda Dress before, but we had to include it on this list for holiday party outfits because there’s one in emerald! We are so in love with this material and style because it’s the perfect mix of classy and cozy. Wearing this dress will definitely leave you feeling gorgeous at any party. (Especially if it’s paired with some cute booties!) 

Holiday Party Outfit #5: Lacey Boots 

velvet knee high boots for winter. www.loveoliveco.com  slim fit corduroy skirt in black. www.loveoliveco.com  dressy ruffled blouse with long sleeves. www.loveoliveco.com

It’s our Lacey Boots in grey that really make this holiday party outfit shine. However, our Shania Skirt in black and our Kiralyn Top in blue-green is nothing to shy away from either. Putting all three of these pieces together? That’s magical. The slim fit of the skirt is exactly what you want when you wear knee-high boots like these. And the Kiralyn Top really pulls it all together for the holiday vibe you want to have for your party. 

5 Holiday Party Outfits to Make You Feel Gorgeous

We are in LOVE with all 5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous. We hope you found a favorite or two to try! We want nothing more for you than to feel absolutely beautiful at your company holiday party or small family get-together and these clothes will definitely help make that happen. Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco  for more tips on cute outfits and be the first to see our new arrivals! 

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five holiday party outfits you'll love. www.loveoliveco.com
5 outfit ideas for holiday parties. www.loveoliveco.com
holiday party outfits to wear to your family or company party. www.loveoliveco.com
5 holiday party outfits to make you feel gorgeous. www.loveoliveco.com