Love, Olive Co. Gives Back.

Love, Olive Co. Gives Back

Love, Olive Co. Gives Back

We have some exciting news for this holiday season! As you know, one of the best parts of this time of year is sharing light and goodness to everyone, especially those in need. We’ve been working with the Family Crisis Center and have organized a project called “Love, Olive Co. Gives Back.” We’d love your support with this special opportunity! 

There’s nothing better than seeing your kids wake up on Christmas morning to presents under the tree, the memories made, and the love and laughter shared. Our hope is to create this memory for these families by giving them what they need, along with a few things from their Christmas wish lists. 

We are asking for donations, so we can help three families’ Christmas dreams come true! You can send your donations to our Venmo, @StephTarnasky if you’d like to help. The more the merrier, of course! We are beyond excited to help give a beautiful Christmas to these three families. And we are thrilled that there’s a way for you to be a part of it! 

the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.

Love, Olive Co. Gives Back

The plan is to collect donations from Dec. 1-12. Once we’ve received all the donations we will go shopping to get the items the families are in need of, along with special items that will help make Christmas morning magical. Here’s a little bit about the families you will be helping! 

Family #1

Our first family is a grandmother raising her five granddaughters. All five of them have survived severe trauma. The grandmother is supporting these five girls through therapy and works endlessly to support them financially. She is very grateful and feels a lot of stress relief knowing Christmas will be covered this year. 

a meaningful way to give back this christmas.

Family #2

The second family is in a multigenerational household which adds to their Christmas needs. They regularly participate in the food bank through the Family Crisis Center. They are such a sweet family who work very hard to earn the little money they can. The wife’s family living there makes it financially challenging, but they are willing to help since they have nowhere else to go. 

tis the holiday season to serve and give.

Family #3

The third family is a recent widow who tragically lost her husband in a car accident this year. She has a little boy and girl, ages 11 and 8. Just before her husband passed, they got rid of most of their belongings, including their snow clothes and accessories. They had plans to move out of state, but those plans have now changed. 

The mother has found a job, but she is from a foreign country and does not have family support nearby. She is very humbled and grateful that the community is wanting to help her this Christmas! 

Give the gift of magic this Christmas.

We would LOVE your support in this special project, Love, Olive Co. Gives Back. The true spirit of Christmas is giving and loving, and that is exactly why we are so happy about this opportunity. We know you will feel so much joy from participating! 

Again, you can help these families by donating money to our Venmo @StepTarnasky. We will be collecting donations Dec. 1-12. You can follow along with this project on our Instagram @loveoliveco. Because of your continued support of our shop, Love, Olive Co., we are able to give back to our community. We are so grateful for you! We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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