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No other face cloth compares with the unique qualities of "emmi". As the cloth cuddles your face, tiny fibers attach themselves to the smallest most microscopic dirt particles that other cloth fibers brush past. Combine the cloth with JUST water, the universal solvent, and wash away to reveal incredible results! Feel free to combine your favorite face cleansing products with the "emmi" face cloth to extend the life of your product.

    Emmi Makeup Cloth, boutique clothing, casual, the perfect face cloth!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Tara T.
    Unbelievable product

    This cloth is crazy good and super soft. Simply wet it and wipe away your make up. It's that easy. I use it on a daily basis and just love it.

    Linda R.
    I haven’t actually used them

    I haven’t actually used them because I bought them as gifts, but I love the look and feel. I will now have to get one for myself. I always put together baskets of gifts and think these will be a great addition.

    Bre N.
    Emmi Make up Cloth

    Been using this for a while now and I LOVE IT! It takes your make up off so easily with just water, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin or eyes. Plus it is super soft!