Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfits

Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfits

Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfits

Since the holidays are looking a little different this year than ever before, with a lot more distance between those we love.  I thought that it would be beneficial to share my favorite zoom worthy holiday outfits.  One of the good things about Zoom is that comfy is totally acceptable and it is so easy to dress up your top half with minimal effort and still look wonderful to your loved ones that are on the other side of the screen. 

2020 Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

Here are my top five zoom worthy holiday outfit options:

zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

sweater | jeans 

Sweater Options 

This green sweater just screams holiday parties to me.  I love the neckline and fit of the sweater.  The beautiful green color is timeless and will be a piece that stays in your wardrobe for years to come.  All of texture will look great via Zoom and you will be guaranteed comfortable in this one. 

 zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

top | jeans 

Easy Breezy Peplums 

If you can’t tell I am absolutely loving green this season!  It is pretty much in every single one of my holiday outfit choices.  This green peplum top is the perfect fun and flirty combo.  It is very flattering, and I love the loose fit that leaves room for second helpings come dinner time.  I love the raw hem and the fabric is STRETCHY.  This peplum could be paired with a cute pair of jeans, skirt, or even sweatpants! The possibilities are endless with this perfect peplum top.

zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

cardigan | top | jeans | boots 

Chunky Cardigans 

There have been many times that you have heard me mention my love for a good, chunky cardigan.  I love how cozy they are and they are perfect for holiday parties, because you can throw them on when you are cold and take them off if you start getting a little toasty.  This grey sweater is so versatile and will go with everything in your closet.  You can throw it over a cute graphic tee or a fun blouse.  The possibilities are endless! A chunky cardigan is essential when it comes to picking out your holiday outfit. 

 zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

 beanie | dress | boots 


Are dresses your jam?  Don’t let 2020 make you think that you don’t have a reason to “dress” up.  If you feel beautiful in dresses, then girl, you wear a dress!  This black dress is beyond comfortable and has the cutest button details.  This dress could easily double as a Christmas and New Year’s Eve holiday outfit.  Trust me, if you buy this dress then you will wear it at least 50 times before the end of the year, guaranteed. 

 zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

top | sweats 

Sweat Set 

Last, but certainly not least… If you are strictly Zooming this holiday season and comfort is your main goal, then you need this absolutely perfect, soft and CUTE set.  This set comes in four darling colors and has an extremely flattering, thick waistband.  If you have ever wanted to wear sweats as your holiday outfit than 2020 is your year! 

 zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com

necklace | sweater 


One last piece of advice…Necklaces may not be an “outfit”, but they can absolutely dress up any outfit.  Since the other Zoom party guests will most likely only see your upper half you can easily dress up the top portion of your outfit with the perfect accessories.  This three-piece set is my absolute favorite, and it dresses up every outfit so well.  You can take a simple top to the next level when you pair it with a beautiful statement piece of jewelry.  Earrings are also an easy statement piece of jewelry that can really dress up your zoom worthy holiday outfit this year!  We have so many fun, new options that you can shop right HERE

Enjoy Your Holidays! 

Moral of the story, I hope that you all are at peace with whatever your holiday parties may look like this year.  Whether you are going out or staying in to celebrate, I hope that this Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfit guide can help you to find the perfect pieces of clothing to help make your holiday season extra special this year. 

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zoom worthy holiday outfits. www.loveoliveco.com



Zoom Worthy Holiday Outfits. www.loveoliveco.com



Top 5 Zoom Holiday Outfits. www.loveoliveco.com



Easy Holiday Outfits 2020. www.loveoliveco.com