Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks.

Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks

Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks

How are your lips doing this winter? The cold weather can be rough on your lips, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top winter lip care tips & tricks that will leave you feeling ready to get your healthy and happy lips back! 

You might’ve heard of some of these winter lip care tips & tricks before, but they are good reminders to take time for our self-care, and specifically with our lips. We are excited about the lip products we have available now, so make sure to check those out. They are linked later in the post, so keep an eye out for them! 

Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks 

Winter Lip Care Tip #1: Drink lots of water. 

drinking lots of water will help your lips stay moisturized.

Is it just us or is it harder to drink water during the winter because it’s not as hot? We have to intentionally take time to drink water or else we won’t get enough. Drinking water is not only helpful for your overall health but helps keep your lips moisturized from within. This is one of the easiest ways to help keep your lips healthy during the winter! Try to stay aware of your water intake and keep it consistent as best you can. 

Winter Lip Care Tip #2: Exfoliate daily.

exfoliate your lips daily with the poppy and pout lip scrub.

How often do you use a lip scrub? Exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub at least once a day can really help with combatting the dryness that threatens your precious lips. We sell a couple, and we are absolutely in love with them. They are our Poppy & Pout Lip Scrubs that come in sweet mint and island coconut flavors. 

Remember, the skin on your lips is more delicate than the skin on your face, so it’s important to use actual lip scrubs and not a face scrub. Believe us, your lips will be thanking you pretty soon after adding this quick routine to your daily self-care regimen! 

Winter Lip Care Tip #3: Moisturize as often as you can.

Keep your lips moisturized with this poppy and pout chapstick.

Obviously, using chapstick is a must–especially during the colder months. It’s important to find chapsticks that have ingredients that actually help your lips rather than ingredients that will only leave your lips wanting more. Chapstick that has SPF or that are oil-based are always a plus. 

You can keep your lips moisturized as often as you can with our Poppy & Pout Lip Balms. They come in two flavors: orange blossom and pink grapefruit. Keeping one of these babies on you at all times is the best thing you can do for yourself this winter. 

Winter Lip Care Tip #4: Cover your lips when you go outside in the cold weather. 

cover your lips when you go outside to protect them from the cold weather.

Use a scarf or something similar to cover your nose and mouth when you go outside. If it’s pretty cold where you are, the cold can really dry out your nose and lips. Covering it as best you can will help protect it and keep the cold from drying out your lips even more than what they already are. 

Winter Lip Care Tip #5: Don’t lick your lips. 

don't lick your lips. It will only make it worse.

Try to avoid licking your lips as best you can. We know, if your lips are feeling so dry and flaky and you don’t have your chapstick on you, licking your lips may seem so tempting. However, the more you lick them the more it will damage your lips and the harder it will be to get them back to their nice, moisturized selves. 

Winter Lip Care Tips & Tricks 

This is just a quick list of our winter lip care tips & tricks, but we hope they help you during these colder months. It can be harsh out there, but if you take the time to care for your lips, you’ll have an easier time enjoying the snowfall and long starry nights! 

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