Wigs 101: The Ultimate Guide

Wigs 101: The Ultimate Guide

Many years ago my hair started falling out. I am still working on learning the cause and getting help but about 9 months ago I decided to start wearing wigs and it has changed my life!! I have so much more confidence and I  love wearing them. I wanted to share with you a few wigs that I wear and some helpful information. 

I like synthetic wigs meaning the hair is not real human hair. I  like that because it is easy to wash and take care of. They last a long time and the style will stay how you bought it! It It is important to brush your hair after each wear to keep the wig looking fresh and to help it last. This is the brush I  use HERE

When taking care of your wigs I would recommend washing them every 2 weeks but it really will depend on how much you wear it. You will know when its time to wash your wig! It will have a gritty feel. This is a shampoo that I like here

I  have linked my wigs below. I  LOVE these wigs. I  would always recommend getting them cut and styled to your face once you get them in. At times they come really thick and dont look quite right. I'ts important to get them cut and make them work for you. 

PSSS Before we start. A WIG GRIP is the key to helping the wig stay on. I  I will link the one I wear but I wear it with every wig! 

 Pink Wig: This is from Amazon. Its a great price and fun for those days you want to be bright. 

Blonde Wig: This is also from Amazon. I have the color Bombshell Blonde.  This is my original wig! It is really nice quality and I  love the color. All these wigs are synthetic so when you wash them they go right back to how they were which is so nice. The curls will stay! 

I  love this shorter wig! It fits so well on my head and I  love the color! You can find a link HERE. The color I  am wearing is 12FS12 and the name of this wig is January.  

Wig # 4 is similar to my original but it is not as thick. The color is the same with the bombshell blonde and the brand is also the same. You can find them HERE

These last two I got from a cute wig shop in Washington! You can contact them through instagram and they will ship them out. The straight wig is called Sky and it is one I  wear most days. I  love the style of it and it fits me great! 

Wigs seem like a scary concept but don't be afraid! Just remember to wash them, take good care of them and find styles that fit your personality and you will fall in love!! At least I did! I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions!