why you'll love our stylefitfatty collection. www.loveoliveco.com

Why You’ll Love Our StyleFitFatty Collection

Why You’ll Love Our StyleFitFatty Collection

LoveOliveCo released a special collection inspired by one of my dear friends, Fatima Dedrickson. And you guys, this is the collection of my dreams!! It has so many pieces I’ve been dying to release. And they are finally here!

I hope you fall in love with the Stylefitfatty collection like I have! To see pieces that we created together finally be released is just an amazing feeling. We’ve worked on these for a long time and I can easily say Fatty is now one of my favorite people! 

stylefitfatty with stephanie wearing bloom baby bloom sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

Who is Stylefitfatty?

Fatima Dedrickson (AKA Fatty) is an author, athlete, influencer, wife, and mother. I am so blessed to know her! She’s mostly known for her impressive track and field record and for her fun and uplifting personality. She’s all about motherhood and just being a good person in this world. 

I know, she sounds amazing, right? That’s why I absolutely LOVED working with her in curating this collection!! There are flowy dresses, shirts, jeans (don’t get me started on the jeans), accessories, and entire ensembles. 

There’s so many cute things, you just have to check them out! The collection was released two days ago, so be sure to find your favorites and keep an eye on them before they go out of stock!

Favorite Pick #1: On the Run Set

on the run set worn by fatty, the track star! www.loveoliveco.com

This on the run set is perfect for the young mom chasing babies all day. Who said you can’t look extra cute while wearing lounging clothes? Fatty is definitely one of those mamas chasing babies with her four littles at home, so it made perfect sense to include this one in her collection. Plus, she looks like the track star she is in this one the run set! 

Favorite Pick #2: Reggie Dress-Natural

flowy dress that can be worn on its own or paired with a cute tee. www.loveoliveco.com

This dress is what summer dreams are made of! With it’s sweetheart neckline, it can be cute on its own or paired with a tee underneath. We love a dress that is super flattering yet functional for when you have littles on either side of you needing your attention. And isn’t the color perfect?! You can customize this outfit in so many ways to match what you love! 

Favorite Pick #3: Boulder Denim-Mid Wash

wide pant jeans, retro 90s feel. they are back in style. www.loveoliveco.com

You guys know I couldn’t resist talking about the jeans. Can you believe wide-legged jeans are back in style?! I love the retro 90s feel they have. You will definitely be the trendsetter when you wear these to any get together. These jeans are high-waisted so they will keep you tucked and comfortable! They are also super durable and stretchy so you can wear them often without feeling like it’s a sacrifice. 

Send me some pics on Instagram @loveoliveco to let me know which outfits you picked! While these clothes are to die for, knowing Fatty and what she stands for is really why you’ll love our Stylefitfatty collection. Be sure to follow Fatty on Instagram too @styelfitfatty because she will definitely brighten up your life! 


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