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What to Wear to a Summer Barbecue

What to Wear to a Summer Barbecue 

A summer barbecue has to be in your top 5 fun things to do in the summer. There’s nothing like celebrating nice weather and good friendships with a backyard bbq! Whether you are the one hosting the bbq or the guest of one, there’s a super important thing you have to decide–and that’s your outfit. Here are the absolute best looks that will inspire you on what to wear to a summer barbecue!

You can have a lot of fun when deciding on the best outfits for your barbecue because you can either keep it casual or go for a more dressy and flirty look. No matter which one you decide, both will be so cute!! And here are our top five picks that will have you ready to go in no time. 

Summer Barbecue Outfit #1: Classic Black T-Shirt Dress

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You can never go wrong with a classic black T-shirt dress, especially when it comes to a summer party. Add a cute baseball cap and your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals and you’ll be set! Plus, you can easily accessorize this dress by adding a classy necklace or two or even tying an extra layer around your waist. Have some fun when putting this outfit together and you’ll definitely be the cutest one at the barbecue! 

Summer Barbecue Outfit #2: Tank Top & Rust Shorts

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This is such a fashion forward look, right?! Everyone at the barbecue is going to be asking where you got your outfit. And the best part is that you’ll be 100 percent comfortable because the tank top slips right on and feels like a hug and these adorable rust shorts are lined with a spandex waistband so they will move and bend any way you want! 

Summer Barbecue Outfit #3: Crocheted Top with White Jeans

crocheted cropped tank top with white jeans. www.loveoliveco.com

Look at this top!! This Sweeter Than Honey Top features a unique crocheted design with bright and fun colors and has a crop fit, so this is the ultimate top for those warmer summer days. Pair this baby with our white jeans and it is a match made in heaven. This is the outfit to wear if you’re going for that flirty look! And don’t forget to get yourself the cutest pair of shoes to match. You deserve this outfit that will make you feel fresh from head to toe! 

Summer Barbecue Outfit #4: Flowy White Dress

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We are loving our Happier Dress in white! And as soon as you slip it on, we know you will too. It’s the tiny embroidery throughout the dress that gives it that extra flare and makes it a little more special than a basic white dress. This dress would be perfect for that summer bbq and if you add a cute hair scarf or bandana to go with it then you will be fully dressed for the occasion. We know you’ll have so much fun twirling through the backyard all evening long in this dress! 

Summer Barbecue Outfit #5: Relaxed Set

neutral lounge set that you can wear at home or on the go. www.loveoliveco.com

Every girl needs a relaxing lounge set in their closet, and especially one that can either be worn lounging around at home or out to a party with friends. You will obviously love the fit of this set because of how loose and flowy it is, but you’ll love it even more because it comes in this stretchy ribbed material! You can so easily dress this outfit up or down, so we hope you add this top and bottom set to your wardrobe just for the versatility of it! 

What to Wear to a Summer Barbecue 

Alright, that’s our take on what to wear to a summer barbecue! What do you love the most? We can’t wait to see what you decide. If you love these looks and want to see more, make sure to follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco so you can be the first to see our newest collections drop! And we hope you soak up all the sun and fun this summer starting with that barbecue! 

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