Top 5 Trends This Summer

Top 5 Trends This Summer


Something is mesmerizing about the musical world of mermaids, and this summer, designers have drawn inspiration from their ethereal beauty. Mermaid-core fashion is making waves, with flowing silhouettes, iridescent fabrics, and sea-inspired motifs taking center stage. Think maxi dresses in shades of ocean blue, shimmering sequined tops reminiscent of fish scales, and accessories adorned with seashells and pearls.

Mermaid inspired fashion allows you to embrace your inner sea sire, bringing an ethereal and whimsical feel to your summer wardrobe. Some of our favorite mermaid-core pieces include our beachy bracelet, our seashell bracelet, and our Amira dress in blue. 


Utility Pockets

In a world where practicality and style often go hand in hand, utility pockets have emerged as a fashion trend that marries both effortlessly. From cargo pants to jumpsuits, dresses to jackets, utility pockets add a utilitarian edge to your summer ensembles.

Not only do they offer a convenient place to store your essentials, but they also lend a cool and edgy vibe to your outfits. Embrace the trend by opting for pieces with multiple pockets, oversized flaps, and hardware accents, and pair them with contrasting feminine elements for a perfect balance of style and functionality.

We have several different pant styles that have utility pockets. Our Montez denim jacket, Tedford pants, and Laurali pants are a few of our favorites. 

Utility Pockets


This summer, bows are making a comeback. They have become a prominent embellishment in fashion, with celebrities sporting bows in their hair, or as a detail on their outfit, while they grace the red carpet. From oversized bow details adorning the shoulders of dresses and tops, to dainty bow details on shoes and accessories, bows are a great way to at a touch of elegance and playfulness to any outfit.

Incorporate bows into your summer wardrobe through dresses, blouses, or even headbands. You can use bows in vibrant colors to add an accent to your outfits, or opt for more subtle colors that will add an elegant touch to what you’re wearing. Bows are a great way to add an element of romance into your summer wardrobe. 

Our porcelain hair scarf in gold and green is one such way to add bows to your summer outfits.

bows in hair


The color lavender has been the hottest color of summer this year. We’re seeing lavender clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup all over the red carpet and across social media. With a color as gorgeous as lavender, we’re not surprised that it can be spotted in several different pieces in our closet. 

With lavender being as soft and serene as it is, it offers a refreshing departure from the usual bold and bright hues that typically come with summer. Lavender is a versatile color that can be the star of your outfit, or used as an accent. Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous. We have several different pieces in the color lavender. A few of our favorites include our shimmer scrunchie, our happier dress, and our dolly dress

lavender scrunchie


Bohemian style is a perennial favorite for the summer season, but this year it’s getting a fresh and contemporary update. Needless to say, boho-chic from 2010 isn’t the same vibe as boho-chic in 2023. The new bohemian trend combines relaxed silhouettes, eclectic prints, fringe, crochet, and other elements that have gotten a modern refresh.

One of our favorite takes on the refreshed boho-chic style is large prints and crocheted clothing. One of our favorites from our shop is the Faye top in coral and sage. This piece combines both fun prints and a crochet style that screams a new take on bohemian fashion. 

Boho-Chic skirt