top 5 pairs of denim that aren't skinny.

Top 5 Pairs of Denim That Aren’t Skinny

Top 5 Pairs of Denim That Aren’t Skinny

Are you feeling pulled to try out a new style of denim beyond skinny jeans? It’s so exciting to explore something out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to upgrading your closet! If you want to try out a new style of denim, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin, check out our top 5 pairs of denim that aren’t skinny. These are super cute and functional and are just what you need to transition out of those skinny jeans you know and love. 

We know there’s a rumor that skinny jeans are out, but they are definitely still in! Besides, if you wear them and love them then keep doing it! There’s no reason why you can’t keep wearing them AND try out a new style. Skinny jeans are still popular–there are just more options for jeans now. And our list here will show you some rad picks you can add to your denim rotation.  

Trending Denim #1: Slight Flare Cut

trendy jeans with a flare and high-waist.

First up is our Kason Denim. These jeans are the perfect pick if you’re wanting to branch out, but are nervous about it. They are high-waisted and are made out of the most comfortable stretchy material. Our favorite feature (and will probably be yours too) is the high hem. They fall about an inch or two higher than your ankles. This is the perfect combo with the flare cut and the frayed material is just an extra bonus! These will look so cute with your favorite sneakers or booties!

Trending Denim #2: Straight Leg

straight fit denim with a high waist.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet to a new denim trend, then try our Aki Denim! Aren’t these so adorable? We especially love the light wash! And they are seriously so comfortable to wear. This picture above is just one of the many ways you can style them. These jeans would look so good with an oversized tee, a bodysuit, or a cropped sweater. The options are pretty much endless! 

Trending Denim #3: Mom Jeans

the perfect pair of mom jeans.

The ultimate mom jeans–our Sneak Peek Revive Denim. You know those days when you don’t feel cute in anything and just want to finally pick something you feel good in? These jeans will be your answer every single time. You could easily wear these every day for the rest of your life! We aren’t kidding. The high waistline, the distressed knees, the raw hem detail–we are obsessed. And we know you will be too as soon you slip these babies on! 

Trending Denim #4: Wide Flare & Rolled Up

wide flare jeans rolled up, perfect for booties.

Our Sunny Plains Denim has a wide flare style and is long in length, so we recommend rolling these up to style with your favorite pair of shoes! These will look good with literally any style of shoe–booties, sneakers, or sandals. So, you can wear these all year round and feel super cute no matter what. These feature a light wash, so if you like this style but prefer a darker wash, this pair of denim would be perfect for you! 

Trending Denim #5: Two-Toned Wash

unique and stylish denim with a two-tone wash.

This Sneak Peek Camryn Denim is another mom jean style you’ll love! We had to include these on our top 5 denim list because of the unique design. It has a split seam down the middle that features a light wash on one side and a medium wash on the other. They are finished off with a raw hem that ties this look all together. And these are super easy to style–throw these on with almost any top and give it a little front tuck and you’ll be ready to “mom” in these all day long! 

Top 5 Pairs of Denim That Aren’t Skinny

We hope you found some picks that’ll help you take the leap to branch out your denim collection from our top 5 pairs of denim that aren’t skinny! If you are a skinny jeans wearer through and through, we have tons of options for you too–check them out HERE. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco so you can stay up to date with our collections and the best tips on how to style them! 

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