Top 3 Picks for Labor Day Outfits

Top 3 Picks for Labor Day Outfits

Top 3 Picks for Labor Day Outfits

Who here celebrates Labor Day?? I’m all about having a day off to relax, so I’m just grateful we have it! But I also think it’s really cool for us to celebrate American workers (past and present) who help build the United States into this successful country. So, why not have a planned outfit for the occasion?? Here’s Love Olive Co’s top 3 picks for Labor Day outfits. 

I feel like Labor Day is the holiday that turns everything into Fall. For example, have you ever heard that you should stop wearing white after Labor Day?? Haha, who knows if this is a thing. I say wear what makes you feel happy and confident in any season! 

Labor Day Outfit #1: Striped Tee with Joggers

If you want to fully embrace that day off with a more casual look, this striped tee with joggers is here for you. We have tons more color choices for the joggers here and tee shirt patterns to choose from, so feel free to shop around to find your favorite outfit! 

labor day outfit, striped tee with joggers.

Labor Day Outfit #2: Sweet Alabama Dress

If you want to look cute, but still feel cozy, this sweet alabama dress is your answer. There’s nothing better than throwing on a flowy dress and looking put together in minutes. The fit of this dress just brings out the most flattering parts in all the right ways. We have this dress in several different Fall colors, so be sure to find your favorite! 

sweet alabama flowy dress for fall and labor day outfit.

Labor Day Outfit #3: Chesney Skirt with a Tee

I’m in LOVE with our chesney skirts. You can rock your day off still looking like the classy business woman you are with one of these skirts paired with your favorite top. You can keep it casual by pairing it with a tee or you can dress it up a bit with one of our blouses. There are so many options to choose from. 

chesney skirt and tee or blouse for a top favorite labor day or fall outfit.

I hope you found a winner from our top 3 picks for Labor Day Outfits! We have tons more for you to choose from on our website, so don’t be shy! We love when we can help you find clothes that you love and that you love yourself in. Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco for more fun collections and sales! 


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