The Secret To A Perfect Bleach Dye Set

The Secret To A Perfect Bleach Dye Set

I’m obsessed with tie dye and bleach lounge sets and had to show you how to do bleach them! 

It’s easy, takes less than an hour and is so much fun! I'm thrilled with the results of this DIY project.

You can shop the set here.

The Final Result is to "Dye" for!

Our Mallin set comes in grey and black, so if you want one that's a little more orange, I would go for the grey set. Also a little secret for my blog readers, we're getting the this gorgeous set in a PINK! You would bleach dye the pink on as well, and make a pink and white tie dye dream. 

Going Out Style

Here it is styled with a fanny pack and some sneakers! Can you even believe how great this turned out? I've gotten so many questions about this, and I'm finally ready to share my secrets. I can't wait to twin with all of you.

Purchase any of the Mallin set, bleach dye it, and tag us in your stories @OliveAveBoutique to show us how yours turned out! We're so excited to see what you come up with.

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