The Core Collection You'll Love.

The Core Collection You'll Love

The Core Collection You’ll Love

Can you believe it’s almost August?! This summer has literally flown by. One thing you can look forward to, though, with the seasons changing is your wardrobe. We are BEYOND excited to share with you the core collection you’ll love! It has all the basics where you can dress up these items any way you like to make so many different outfit combos. 

This core collection is mostly made up of jumpsuits, joggers, tops, and dresses. This collection is made for busy moms, students, or anyone who is usually on the go. Love Olive Co is all about looking cute no matter what you’re doing, and these pieces will definitely help with that. 

The colors of this collection help get you ready for the Fall colors, however you can easily style them to fit into any season. One thing I love most about this core collection is how versatile it is. You’ll know exactly what I mean once you see the collection! 



OK, these are so comfortable!! There’s nothing better than looking put together just from throwing on a piece of clothing. You could pair these jumpsuits with some sneakers or dress it up with some heels. There’s so many different ways to style these jumpsuits!

Shop your favorite jumpsuits in this core collection. 




Joggers are a girl’s best friend! I love how you can dress these up a bit without sacrificing any level of comfort. This core collection’s joggers come in several different colors, all offering a classy look to whatever you pair them with. Feel free to wear these for a day out or a night in and still feel fabulous either way. 

 Shop your favorite joggers in this core collection. 



There are so many cute tops!! Lots of fun, casual tees perfect for the everyday routines. If you want to feel a bit more dressed up without the worry of getting your clothes dirty from toddler hands or a bit sweaty from running errands, these tees are your answer. Pair it with your favorite joggers and you are set! 

 Shop your favorite tops in this core collection.



These dresses are more for the everyday hustle. There’s nothing wrong with looking extra cute while tending to your errands or routines. Some of the dresses feature pockets (which is the best thing ever, am I right?) and others have a cute tie around the waist to show off your flattering figure.

 Shop your favorite dresses in this core collection. 


Are you dying over these selections like I am!? I know you’ll find some favorites from this core collection you’ll love. Our core collection has been known to sell quickly! We can restock items, but it takes several weeks to get the items back, so it’s recommended to buy quickly! 

As always, I will be doing a live try-on over on my Instagram, so be sure to check that out @loveoliveco! I had so much fun designing this collection with my team with you in mind! Let me know which ones end up being your favorite. Happy shopping! 


Mix and match to make your favorite outfits from this core collection.
The core collection you'll love.
Shop our core collection, everything is cute and cozy!