Sweater Style Guide-- How To Style Your Sweaters

Sweater Style Guide-- How To Style Your Sweaters

How to Style Your Sweaters

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and that only means one thing my friends… Sweater weather is here!  The best fashion season of the entire year, in my own personal opinion.  Since we have so many amazing sweaters available to choose from at Love Olive Co I thought that I would put together a little Sweater Style Guide for you, so that you can feel completely confident in knowing exactly how to style your sweater.

Sweater style guide 2020. www.loveoliveco.com

Let’s get started with a few of my top tips for styling your sweaters this holiday season.

Embrace the front tuck

 Sweater Style Guide 2020. www.loveoliveco.com

sweater | joggers | shoes 

A lot of people think that you have to leave sweaters untucked, but in reality when you give your sweater a little front tuck it creates a more slimming look!  Who knew right?  Next time you put a sweater on give it a little front tuck and see what it does to your shape.  It will make your legs look longer and define your waistline.  By tucking your sweater in the front you are taking your upper half from no-shape to a very slim shape that you will be happy to see.

Double Up

How to style your sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

pullover + pant set

Nobody is saying no to the monochromatic vibe that is going on right now.  Pairing your sweater with a matching bottom is all the rage.  We are absolutely loving these monochromatic sets that we just launched.  People will be asking you where you got your outfit everywhere that you go!

Go for the high neck

Sweater Style Guide 2020. www.loveoliveco.com


High neck sweaters are so on trend right now!  Try one out and I promise you will not be disappointed with the beautiful neckline that it creates!  We love high neck sweaters from everything to chunky knit sweaters to loose baby doll sweaters like this one.  You can pair high neck sweaters with a cute pair of jeans or dress it up paired with a skirt.  It is a very versatile piece of clothing, which I love!

Pair your sweater with a hat

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Whether you want to pair it with a beanie or a rancher hat, the opportunities are endless.  Adding an accessory like a hat to your sweater gives a lot more style and personality to your outfit.  We love mixing neutral tones when adding a hat to our outfit. 

Pick a bold print

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Gone are the days of boring sweaters that all look the same.  We live in a time where bold is beautiful.  I am absolutely loving all of these awesome color block sweaters!  This coral sweater is just too cute for words.  Don’t you love how so many bright colors are now considered fall colors?  I’m happy to see that it is acceptable to wear more colors than brown and black in the colder months. 

If you want to tone it down a little bit, but still have a print on your sweater, then you might like this striped option or this flower pattern.  Both are bold, yet subtle and will leave everyone asking you where you got your sweater from. 

Cardigans are always a good idea

sweater style guide--how to style your sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

cardigan | jeans 

Cardigan sweaters are a fun way to add personality and dimension to your outfit.  Plus they are extremely flattering.  Generally cardigans do a good job covering your mid section, which will create a slimming effect to all body types. 

These chunky knit cardigans with big buttons are everywhere right now and I’m loving them all.  You can button your cardigan up or leave it open to create two totally different looks with the same piece of clothing.  I am in love with the color of this cardigan and can’t get over the buttons and texture of this one

For more amazing cardigan options check out our website right HERE

I hope that this sweater style guide has left you knowing exactly how to style your sweaters!  For more styling tips and inspiration follow us on Instagram.  We launch new arrivals every single week that you won’t want to miss!


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sweater style guide 2020. www.loveoliveco.com


how to style your sweater. www.loveoliveco.com