Styling Bodysuits: A How-To Guide For Beginners

Styling Bodysuits: A How-To Guide For Beginners

Bodysuits are my saving grace. I love how they don't ride up, I don't have to keep tucking them in every second of the day, and they're so flattering. Honestly if you don't have a bodysuit in your closet.. it's okay, but what're you even doing? I'm totally joking, you're actually probably in the majority, but really you should give one a try. They are a game changer. Here are some ideas on how to style bodysuits...

Outfit #1: Denim Jacket Outfit

Before we talk about this whole outfit, can we talk about this JEAN JACKET?! It is literally to die for. Our new wide leg denim with this grey bodysuit has me drooling, and when I paired it all with these MIA sandals, I was sold on this outfit for good. Sometimes bodysuits can run a little tight, so throwing a denim jacket over it can keep you confident, but you can still feel put together.

Outfit #2: Cardigan 'Fit

This outfit is giving me all the cozy vibes! Bodysuits are so versatile, and since they tend to run a little on the tighter side, putting a cardigan on can add a cute, comfy layer to your outfit. I styled this bodysuit with a wide leg denim, (who's surprised? lol) and some MIA sandals, to create this everyday look.

Outfit #3: All Dressed Up Outfit

If you can't tell by now, I'm a wide-leg-denim-with-a-bodysuit kind of girl. I really think it's one of the best combo in fashion history, and I will never change my mind. This combo works extremely well with most body types, which is why it's earned its way into the Fashion Hall of Fame, and it's a super easy way to wear. 

Honorable mention: A Skirt Outfit.

We didn't have any skirts in this week's new arrivals, so I didn't get any pictures with this kind of outfit, but man oh man! Bodysuits with skirts change the whole game. They don't ride up, they're smooth, and they look so adorable. 

So give bodysuits a try! Can't wait to see how you style them.