Q&A with Olive Ave Founders Steph and Bryce

Q&A with Olive Ave Founders Steph and Bryce

Are you ready for this?! You all asked questions through our Instagram page, and here are some of the top questions we have chosen to answer! We love you all so much and feel so blessed to share our lives with you!

Q: What was the hardest part about starting your own business?

A: I would say the hardest part was knowing what to order to do everything in! Everyone is so different and it’s so hard to know what my customers will like! When we first started, I knew I wanted to sell denim because I LOVE a classic, cute, and comfy pair of denim. That being said, it was hard to know what styles customers wanted! It was also hard getting the word out and becoming known in my local community, especially since 10 years ago social media was just starting out! 


Q: What is the design process for Olive Ave exclusives?

A: This is definitely a long process, but I'll explain in a short nutshell... I think of an idea for a design, (sometimes draw a basic design up) look at color swatches and different options for fabrics, I get a sample made by our graphic designer, we make some tweaks to it and then put it into production! 


Q: I want to start my own business but I'm afraid! Any advice?

A: Don’t be afraid! You will never know the potential of a business until you start! Just go for it and don’t wait for every single thing to be what you think is "just right" or "perfect" because it never will be!! It’s better to go for it than it is to wonder what would of happened if you had never tried. 


Q: What are some qualities that you look for in an employee?

A: I look for girls who are passionate about life, clothing, and people. If you know me well enough, you know that I am OBSESSED with people, customers, and life. So, I look For employees who feel the same way. I look for girls who will treat my customers as their BFFs because that is the best part of the job. I also look for employees who are organized, on top of things and very responsible! 


Q: Where are you both from, how did you end up in Idaho/Arizona?

A: I am from both Washington and Utah and Bryce is from Oregon! We were attending BYU-Idaho and started our businesses while in school and didn’t leave, so that is how we ended up in Idaho! We love the community and love going to Arizona for warmth and sunshine in the winter! 


Q: Did you complete your degree in education? How did you switch to business?

A: Yes, I completes me degree in education and Bryce went to school for accounting and business. I did not take business classes. I am so happy with where we are now! 


Q: Would you ever consider selling kids clothes or mommy and me sets?

A: Yes, yes, YES!! We love that idea and are currently thinking of ways we can do that!!


I've said it before, but I can't express it enough, we love and appreciate all of you and your support of our business! We love the Olive Ave family!