Why You'll Love Our White Studio Space in Rexburg www.loveoliveco.com

Our White Space Studio

Have you ever rented out a studio space for a photoshoot or gathering? If you have ever tried to find an affordable studio space, you know it can be tricky! Because of this, we have opened up our white space studio above our Rexburg, Idaho store location for photoshoots and small parties. 

When you book our white space studio, here’s what you will have access to: 

  • A natural light shooting area.
  • Additional upper lighting that will give ideal natural light.
  • A black and white modern kitchen with white quartz countertops, bar stools and Article leather couch.
  • Brick wall, shiplap wall and other modern shooting areas.

Our White Space Studio is gorgeous! www.loveoliveco.com

Why We Love Our White Space Studio

Our space is great for photographers looking for a place to shoot amazing pictures without the need of extra studio or box lights. With the long winters in northern Idaho, it can be hard to find a location with enough light for high quality photography. Our white space studio has big windows and the addition of upper lighting for those cloudy or grey days that come around. 

Get the photos you are dreaming of by booking our white space studio in Rexburg, Id. www.loveoliveco.com

photo: @alysamaephotophoto

Besides being a great place for photoshoots, with our modern kitchen and a small seating area, this space also works great for baby showers, bridal showers, and small birthday parties. Don’t want to clean your house for your next girls’ gathering? Book our space and give yourself more time to enjoy your celebration instead of worrying about cleaning your home. Plus, our white walls and light colored floors look amazing with a variety of decorations. Get the social media pics you really want with our setup!

 We love the images you can get at our White Studio Space www.loveoliveco.com

photo: @annachristinephoto

What People are Saying

A few of the photographers and clients that have used our space had this to say: 

“This was my first time using your studio and it’s hands down my favorite. Such gorgeous lighting!” -Alyssandra Marlene Photography

“It was absolutely perfect for my brand shoot! I love all of the light in there!” -Chloe Royce

Whether you are a photographer or looking for an event space, our white space studio is perfect. www.loveoliveco.com

photo: @karinadoppdesigns

We here at Love, Olive Co. are so glad that we decided to finish this space above our storefront a few years ago and turn it into a white space studio. Besides giving us a great place to do photoshoots for our clothing boutique, it’s given us the opportunity to be a bigger part of our community here in Rexburg, Idaho. So whether you are a photographer or someone who is planning a celebration, our white space studio may be just the space you are looking for! 

For more details and for rental information, click here. And be sure to check out our Instagram account @whitespacestudiorex to see more amazing pictures of the space!

 The Possibilities are Endless in Our White Studio Space www.loveoliveco.com

Why We Love Our White Studio Space www.loveoliveco.com

Booking Our White Studio Space in Rexburg, ID www.loveoliveco.com