Olive Ave. is Now Love, Olive Co.! www.loveoliveco.com

Olive Ave. is Now Love, Olive Co.!

Hi everyone, we have exciting news to share with our customers. We changed our name! Instead of being known as Olive Ave., we are now known as Love, Olive Co.! We are so excited about the new name and what it means to us as a company. 

Why we changed our name from Olive Ave. to Love, Olive Co.! www.loveoliveco.com


The Backstory for our Business

But first, a little backstory on the history of this clothing company. We started our business 10 years ago selling jeans out of my house on craigslist and online. I had to choose a business name quickly, so I just called myself  “The Jean Girl”. The name served us well for a few years as our business quickly grew. 

Fast forward 4 years and we started selling other items of clothes as well as jeans, so we changed our name to Olive Avenue. Olive is my daughter’s name, and I love the name Olive. I feel like our Olive Avenue name has served us really well. 

I'm so excited to share our new name, Love, Olive Co.! www.loveoliveco.com

Recently I started digging deep into what the purpose of my business is, my ‘why’, and how I can better serve my customers. And it all really came down to love. If you watch my live videos on Instagram (here), you know that my core purpose is to spread happiness and to connect with my audience and customers through love. I want to help you realize that you are enough. 

Olive Avenue to Love, Olive Co. 

As much as I loved our former name, Olive Avenue, the old name doesn’t serve what I'm trying to do and build now. Love, Olive Co. is exactly what we are about. When you get your package, with the label, ‘Love, Olive Co.’, it is representing how we feel about you. 

We want you to get a package from us that is filled with love. If you come into our store, we want you to feel loved. We want you to feel like you are shopping with your friends.

About 6 months ago, we decided it was time to change our name for the last time. I know what I want in my business and in my life. I want to spread happiness and love. 

The family behind Love, Olive Co. www.LoveOliveCo.com

So, even though we have a different name, you can still find the same amazing clothing, shoes, and accessories at our store and on our website. I will still be sharing our new releases on our Instagram account each week, so be sure to join me there! And if you are local to Idaho, please come by our store in Rexburg! We would love to see you in person. 

Olive Ave. Is Now Love, Olive Co.

We have a lot of great things heading your way soon, and we are so excited to share them all with you! We hope that you know that what we are all about is love. We have so many awesome things in the works that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned for more! 

For the cutest clothes, shoes, and accessories be sure to check us out at LoveOliveCo.com!



Why We Changed Our Name to Love, Olive Co. www.LoveOliveCo.com

Welcome to the New Love, Olive Co. www.LoveOliveCo.com

Olive Ave. is Now Love, Olive Co.! www.LoveOliveCo.com