My 6 Go-To Looks For Summer

My 6 Go-To Looks For Summer

This year's summer style is TOO GOOD. Seriously I cannot get enough of the trends and looks we've been getting in at Olive Ave, I've been keeping one of everything lately. I can't help myself! Biker shorts, graphic tees, comfy dresses, and bermuda shorts have been on repeat these days and I'm not complaining about it. I've been digging my outfits so much lately, I thought I'd show you six of my current favorite outfits. They vary from all dressed up to casual queen, and I'm loving the vibes! Get ready for some summer outfit inspo in 3... 2... 1...

Outfit #1: Tie Dye Queen

Oh tie dye... you are the one trend I hope never ends. Speaking of tie dye, look at these biker shorts! Like are you kidding?! They are too good. With a louder bottom, I like to throw on a more neutral top like this one to even the whole outfit out; annnnd of course we need to tie the top because you know me, I'm a tuck/ tie girl forever. 

Outfit #2: Dressed to Chill

Casual dresses make life worth living. jkjk. But really, they're pretty amazing. I love pairing a casual dress with some sneakers and a baseball cap to dress it all down. This outfit is a fun way to keep it casual while staying put together, and can easily be recreated with your favorite dress! We love a cute, functional summer outfit.

Outfit #3: Date Night Vibes

 This look says, "Fashion is my Passion," but feels like, "In Bed Comfort Level." Seriously these pants are like PJ's but look so trendy and cute. I could not even dream up a better pant if I tried! A dressier blouse and clogs elevate the whole outfit and I'm obsessed! Throw on a jean jacket and felt hat to make this outfit fashionista certified. 

Outfit #4: Summer Uniform

A tee and bermuda shorts are my 2020 summer uniform. I love this galaxy graphic! I love how the colors look with my shorts, and how easy it is to accessorize this whole look! Sneakers and a hat are my favorite summer accessories, but you could always switch out these shoes with a cute sandal and this hat for an adorable bandana. How would you accessorize this outfit?

Outfit #5: Summer Nights

I love wearing this look out to the park with my kids, and I can't wait until the Farmers Market starts up here in Rexburg, because this is the perfect look for that too! This top is so versatile and I love these shorts! I think everybody needs a pair of black shorts in their wardrobe, they match everything. So here's my take on a summer night look, what do you think?


Outfit #6: Vacay Mode: On

I cannot WAIT to wear this outfit on my next vacation! Light-weight tees and comfy pants... YES PLEASE! Depending on your vacation, you can switch out your shoes and hat for this look. Let's take a second to talk about light-weight t-shirts. They are a summer STAPLE! We've been getting in so many tees that I'm obsessed with, and I think they're the best investment. You can wear them in every season and when they get worn out, you can make them sleeping tees. 

These are 6 of my current favorite looks right now! Which one is your favorite? Tell us @oliveaveboutique on Facebook and Instagram!