killer end of school year gift ideas for teachers.

Killer End-of-School-Year Gift Ideas for your Teacher

Killer End-of-School-Year Gift Ideas for your Teacher

It’s almost officially summer time!! Anticipating the summer break is almost as exciting as summer itself! While you’ve probably got all these fun activities planned, you can’t forget about thanking your teachers for all they’ve done for you throughout the school year before you go. We have some killer end-of-school-year gift ideas for your teacher that we know they’ll love! 

This list of gifts ideas we put together for your teachers are some of our favorites and will help get them ready for sunshine and summer fun! You may end up buying a couple of things for yourself too, and we aren’t complaining about it! There’s something about a good deal that you just can’t pass up–whether it’s for someone else or for yourself.

If there’s anything we know about teachers, they need all the self-care they can get. They work so hard day in and day out throughout the entire school year. You gifting them with a thoughtful present will help them know what they’re doing is making a difference! Besides, everyone could use a little recognition and love, right? 

Killer End-of-School-Year Gift Ideas for your Teacher

Teacher Gift Idea #1: Chapstick and Holder

best chapstick for your lips.  cute thread keychain and chapstick holder.

Chapstick is always a good gift idea because you know they will use it! Our Poppy & Pout Chapstick collection is one you won’t want to miss. You might as well get one for yourself too! They even have sunblock as an included ingredient, so it’s perfect timing for the sunny weather you’ll be enjoying all summer long! Plus, we even have a keychain thread holder for it, so you can take it anywhere you go. Make sure to shop all of our options, so you can find your and your teacher’s favorite ones!

Teacher Gift Idea #2: Custom Sticker Decals 

national park custom made stickers.

Is your teacher a fan of national parks? We have the cutest national park sticker decals they will love! They could either be a gift to help show off where they’ve been or goals for where they want to go. And of course, we even have matching shirts to go with the stickers! This is a fun gift to help celebrate all the exploring they’ll get to do for summer break too! 

Teacher Gift Idea #3: Jewelry

gold circle chain necklace.   gold oval hoop earrings.   three piece gold necklace.

If your teacher is always wearing some type of jewelry, adding on to her collection would be such a thoughtful gift! We have so many amazing options that she will love! Plus, most women loved being gifted jewelry. It makes them feel extra special and beautiful. We have several necklaces, especially those that are not too flashy, so most women would be happy with them as a gift! They could become their new favorite necklace they wear every day! That’s a winning gift for sure. Shop our jewelry collection here. 

Teacher Gift Idea #4: Beachy Bracelet

beachy seashell bracelet.

You could gift your teacher with this beachy seashell bracelet and make the entire gift a beachy theme. You could add other simple items like a beach towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses. You could tell them now it’s their time to relax in the sun! Besides, isn’t this beachy bracelet so cute? We also have a similar one in gold you might like better!

Teacher Gift Idea #5: Cozy Socks

cozy smiley face socks.

You could gift your teacher with some cozy socks and theme it around relaxing for summer break! We have these cute smiley socks, plus some other options as well. You could also add in a scrunchie or hair clip to complete the gift idea! There’s nothing like putting on a cozy pair of socks and pulling your hair up just before enjoying a relaxing afternoon. And your teacher needs to experience that as often as she can before the next school year starts!

Killer End-of-School-Year Gift Ideas for your Teacher

We hope you found what you want to get from these killer end-of-school-year gift ideas for your teacher!! We are so excited for you and your teacher to have fun in the sun! No matter if you have plans to explore or relax at home as much as you can, we wish all the relaxation to be sent your way–and your teacher’s, of course! You can follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco for more ideas on what to wear and how to love yourself in whatever you’re in! 

killer end of school year gift ideas for teachers.
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5 end of school year gift ideas for teachers we know they'll love.
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