how to style hair clips and scrunchies.

How to Style Hair Clips and Scrunchies

How to Style Hair Clips and Scrunchies

Are you into the trend of hair clips and scrunchies?? If you want to wear hair clips and scrunchies, but you’re not sure how to exactly make it work with your hair type, here are some tips on how to style hair clips and scrunchies that should help! Plus, we have some amazing products that you will love to help you get started with your hair dreams. 

We know these hair accessories have made a triumphant comeback recently. Scrunchies were first popular in the 80s and stuck around in the 90s. And now they are back again! The hair clips, and claw clips specifically, first became popular in the early 2000s. Isn’t it funny how trends repeat? But, we must say they are much cuter this time around!!

No matter if your hair is thick and curly or fine and straight, these tips on how to style hair clips and scrunchies should give you some ideas! This list has a good mix, so there’s bound to be something that fits your hair type. We know you’ll leave your house feeling confident and beautiful in any one of these hairstyles! Plus, they are really handy for keeping your hair pulled back in a much more fashionable way. Alright, let’s get started!

How to Style Hair Clips and Scrunchies 

Hair Clip Style #1: Pinned Back on One Side

how to style a small hair clip.

We have these adorable small hair clips in several different colors. This hairstyle will work for straight or curly hair, so there’s no holding you back! The key to this hairstyle is to leave a few bangs/front pieces of your hair out of the clip, so they can help give shape to your face. This also helps show off your hairstyle from all angles, not just from the back of your head. 

Hair Clip Style #2: Figure 8 Bun

figure 8 bun held back with a wavy claw clip.

This figure 8 bun is one of our favorites! This look is shown with long hair but can be accustomed to your hair length. This hairstyle is a trendy way to pull your hair back without it having to be pulled back too tight or leave an awkward bun on top of your head that a regular elastic can bring. Plus, it looks especially cute with our wavy claw clip. This clip comes in 3 different colors, so you can pick your favorite or get one of each! 

Hair Clip Style #3: Half-Up Half-Down

half up half down long hairstyle using a rectangle claw clip.

Doesn’t this hairstyle look absolutely gorgeous? This is another look that can work for straight or curly hair, but as you can see it looks especially beautiful when you have some curls bouncing around at the bottom. AND can we talk about this cut out rectangle claw clip?? It is so cute! The color, the look, everything about it is magical, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We hope you love this one as much as we do!

How to Style Hair Clips and Scrunchies

Scrunchie Hair Style #1: Low Ballerina Bun

low ballerina bun with satin hair scrunchie.

Isn’t this satin scrunchie to die for? You can never have too many scrunchies, and this one makes the perfect accessory on your wrist until you are ready to pull your hair back. As you can see, this model has short straight hair and this scrunchie still holds her hair in place. If you do have thinner hair, one trick you can do is pull your hair pack with a small elastic and then put the scrunchie over it to finish off the hairstyle. We love how this fluffy satin scrunchie really pops! It definitely puts a whole new look on low bun hairstyles, don’t you think??

Scrunchie Hair Style #2: Loose Braid

how to finish off your loose french braid with a hair scrunchie.

This denim scrunchie is perfect for any occasion. This hairstyle mostly works for girls with longer hair. The next time you braid your hair, finish it off with a cute scrunchie instead of a regular hairband. Again, if you’re worried about the scrunchie falling out over time, tie it with a small elastic first and then put the scrunchie over it. You can either do a regular loose braid for this hairstyle, or a soft french braid can work as well. 

Scrunchie Hair Style #3: Loose Ponytail 

loose low ponytail with a tie-dye hair scrunchie.

You don’t have to overthink it. This hairstyle is meant to remind you that a ponytail can be a cute option, especially when it’s held back with our tie-dye scrunchie. When you’re struggling to know how to wear your hair for the day, a scrunchie is always a good option! Plus, one thing we love about scrunchies is that it leaves no crease in your hair! Just another reason why everyone probably loves them so much. 

How to Style Hair Clips and Scrunchies

OK, which style will you be trying first?? Let us know which tips on how to style hair clips and scrunchies are your favorite and if we are missing anything! You can send us a dm over on Instagram @loveoliveco. You can follow us there for the latest trends in all things fashion! We do live try ons every week with the new collections we release. We have a lot of fun over there, so we hope to see you join in!!

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