How to Steam Your Clothes the Right Way

How to Steam Your Clothes the Right Way

How To Steam Your Clothes the Right Way

I get asked a lot about how I take care of the new arrivals we get in my store, Love, Olive Co., and how I care for my own clothes. When it comes to wrinkles, I always reach for my handheld steamer. I didn’t always use a steamer, but now that I’m converted, I can’t go back to a traditional iron! Here’s my tips for how to steam your clothes the right way.

How I steam my clothes

How a Clothes Steamer Works:

A steamer works by heating up water in a reservoir and releasing steam out of a nozzle or hose. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Just like the steam setting on your iron, a clothes steamer heats up water to create steam, and then pushes that steam out of a nozzle or hose. Steaming your clothes is an effective way to get rid of wrinkles without much effort. It’s also great for small spaces. A handheld steamer takes up much less room to store and use than an iron and ironing board. I keep mine in my closet. It’s life changing. It’s way faster than using an iron. I steam what i’m going to wear each day, and then move on with my day. I even use my steamer on my curtains! (Find the steamer I use and love here.)

Did you know? Steaming your clothes can kill odor-causing bacteria, which helps clothes stay fresh in between washes or dry cleaning appointments. Not all fabrics work great with a clothes steamer. The best fabrics to use a steamer on are: 

  • Wool
  • Wool blends
  • Synthetic wool-like fabrics
  • Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Silk blends
  • and other delicate fabrics

Steamers can work on cotton, too, but cottons really work best with the old fashioned iron. They can be stubborn when it comes to releasing wrinkles!

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How to Steam Your Clothes the Right Way:

1-Check your Fabric Type

Check the tags and/or test a small corner of the fabric before using it on the entire garment. Some fabrics don’t like to be steamed, like suede. Always be sure to be careful with delicate fabrics. Don’t steam in one place for too long. If your item has prints or embellishments on it, steam it inside out to protect them.

2-How to Use Your Steamer

Fill your reservoir with cold water and plug in your steamer. Check your instructions for your steamer to be sure you are following the instructions from the manufacturer. You typically use a steamer on fabric while it is hanging, so if you want crisp creases or pleats, you’d want to use an iron. Where to hang it? Doorknobs, wall hooks, a shower rod, closet rod, etc. all work great. To steam your clothes, gently run the steamer in downward strokes along the fabric. You don’t need to press hard or push the steamer against the fabric. The steam will remove the wrinkles on it’s own without you adding strength to it.

Have you tried steaming your clothes instead of ironing?

3-After You Finish Steaming your Item

After you are done steaming your clothing, your item will feel damp. There may also be some small water spots. This is normal, don’t be scared. Let your item sit for 5-10 minutes after steaming before you put it on or put it away. This will help it to dry.

Steaming is a great alternative to ironing your clothes.

More Tips-

-If your clothing item has a liner, steam the lining first. 

-Don’t steam what you are currently wearing. It’s just not a good idea. Trust me on this one. 

-If your item is extremely wrinkled, try steaming it from the inside, or aim your steamer up into your clothing from underneath the garment

Now you know how to steam your clothes the right way! I love using my steamer on my clothing. Will you try it? 

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