How to Make Mom Jeans Work For You

How to Make Mom Jeans Work For You

Mom jeans. Hear me out. When I first started seeing girls in ‘mom jeans’, it was super cringey, in my opinion. All the flashbacks to the 90’s of seeing my mom wear that style, all the scrapbooks I’ve flipped through of photos with my mom strutting her stuff in her mom jeans and baggy sweatshirt. I wanted nothing to do with them! And then, it happened. I was out shopping with friends and decided to try a pair on. Holy, moly. My waist has never loved me more. Slipping into the mom jean style felt comfortable and just… so on trend, you know? I instantly realized why mom jeans are back. I don’t know if I could ever throw on a pair of skinny’s again! If you’re like I was and still hesitant, let me share how you can make mom jeans work for you.

What’s the difference?

On the outside, a pair of jeans might just be a pair of jeans. But as you go through a try on session at the store (or maybe from the comfort of your home with an online order!), it becomes apparent pretty quickly that each pair of jeans is made differently. There are differences in color (or wash), length, ripped or not ripped, bedazzled back pockets, you name it! 

Boyfriend jeans are usually baggier in all the areas- leg, waist, bum, and have a slouchy feel. Girlfriend jeans are tighter and higher on the hips, and have a slim fit through the leg. There is also the length of the jeans to consider. While skinny jeans typically hug the ankle, a traditional mom jean style falls just at the ankle but isn’t too tight. 

I used to base the kind of jeans I wore on the occasion- slouchy and light wash for weekend errands, dark wash and skinny for date night. But in a time where it feels like the rules of fashion are meant to be broken, it’s easy to dress any kind of jean up or down. There is no difference when it comes to which jean type to wear for an occasion.

What makes it a Mom Jean?

Maybe you’ve been in leggings for a little too long, and have forgotten what jeans actually look and feel like. The mom jean started trending in the last year, and here are the qualities that make it a mom jean- usually high waisted, giving your bum a longer and flatter look, and a more relaxed zipper. Hallelujah! The mom jean is designed to elongate your leg and give a more flattering look than the slouchy, baggier, boyfriend jean fit. A classic mom jean won’t have rips or tears, but they will look a little lived-in.

I mentioned this before, but when I slipped into my first pair of mom jeans, I swear my hips were singing my praises. The high waist was so comfy! I didn’t feel like I was trying to fit my body into a pair of jeans- my jeans were fitting my body. Like I said before- make mom jeans work for you, not the other way around!

How to find the right fit in Mom Jeans

Finding the perfect fit for your mom jeans will be essential. Too tight and nothing will look right, and too loose, the jeans will lose their purpose- which is to hug you the right way and help elongate your bum and legs. You might be used to trying to suck and squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans, but the way to make mom jeans work for you is to find a pair that fall right on your natural waist.

Because the mom jean is supposed to run larger in the waist and zipper area, you will want to try on your regular size and the size smaller, to see which is the best fit. The pant leg should not cling to your body, but should hang loosely around your legs. Comfort is key!

What to Wear with Mom Jeans

The best part of mom jeans? You can wear anything with them! I absolutely love denim, so hearing that layers of denim on mom jeans is a thing- had me sold! 

how to style mom jeans

Dress up your mom jeans with heels and a blouse for date night. Throw on a t-shirt, sneakers, and hit the town in one of the most classic weekend looks. 

what to wear with mom jeans

And when it comes to the wash on your jeans? Pick a favorite color! Black, white, classic blue- all of these colors are great on the mom jean style. Now that I’m almost done sharing my tips, I’m realizing this blog should probably be titled ‘How mom jeans work for everyone, everywhere'. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed! Mom jeans are the perfect style to feel comfortable, look beautiful, and be yourself in. Remember, the perfect mom jean fit will be high-waisted, snug around your hips but not too tight, and whatever color you’re loving right now. Check out all our awesome options at Love, Olive Co. and let me know your favorite pair in the comments!