holiday nail & outfit inspo you'll love.

Holiday Nail & Outfit Inspo You’ll Love

Holiday Nail & Outfit Inspo You’ll Love

The holiday season is in full swing and we couldn’t be more thrilled!! All the cozy sweaters, Christmas colors, and yummy food--we are here for it all! How are you feeling about the holidays? Hopefully, you have some fun family get-togethers planned this year. We have some holiday nail & outfit inspo you’ll love, so enjoy!

We put together a nice variety for you, so there’s some more neutral tones and then full on Christmas vibes. We had a lot of fun picking out the nail inspo and picking our favorite items to go with each one. One of the best parts about them is being able to create all of these manicures and looks from home! 

It’s nice to have the option to do our nails at home sometimes. And we’re here to tell you that you can do holiday-themed nails all on your own! They don’t have to be super fancy, it’s just finding the right colors and patterns that work best for you. We hope you have fun picking out your favorite combos! We can’t wait to see which ones you decide to rock this holiday season. 

Holiday Nail & Outfit Inspo You’ll Love

Holiday Inspo #1: Glittered Gold

gold glitter at-home manicure.    cream and green striped sweater.

This glittered gold manicure keeps it classy with neutral colors, but still gets your attention. We paired these nails with our Chester Sweater. We thought the olive green color would really make the gold glitter stand out. Plus, gold and green is such a beautiful combo for the holiday season! 

Holiday Inspo #2: Soft Snowflake

soft snowflake at-home manicure.   gray sweater dress.

Doesn’t snowfall make Christmas so much more magical? Whether you’ll be knee deep in snow or have no snow at all, you can still have the magic with you with this soft snowflake manicure! We love the light purple paired with the dainty little snowflake at the tip of each nail. And our Murray Sweater Dress looks like it was made to go with this manicure! This is definitely one of our favorite combos! 

Holiday Inspo #3: Christmas Spirit

christmas spirit at-home manicure.   white cozy sweater for winter.

This inspo pick is for the one who loves the traditional red and green for the holiday season! This manicure just sings Christmas, and our Brunch Sweater completes the look perfectly. This would be a great outfit idea for a family party or holiday outing because it would help you look and FEEL like Christmas! 

Holiday Inspo #4: Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink at-home manicure.  soft pink striped sweater.

It’s always fun to add some other colors to the traditional holiday colors to throw a twist on things, or really make it feel like you. This pretty in pink manicure reminds us of snowy weather, and even has some glitter accents to really capture the wintery vibe! We found the best matching top for the set too, it’s our Syracuse Sweater

Holiday Inspo #5: White Christmas

white christmas at-home manicure.   red and white holiday dress.

Who is dreaming of a white Christmas?? This beautiful manicure shines and shimmers in all the right ways. There’s something about white that is just classy. If you love this nail choice, you’ll love the Gabel Dress we paired with it even more. It’s perfect for the holidays and will be so cute with your white nails!! 

We hope you had fun browsing through these fun picks! This holiday nail & outfit inspo you’ll love is here throughout the entire holiday season, so you can wear all five if you really wanted! Send us your favorite looks over on our Instagram @loveoliveco. You can follow us there for all the latest styles and trends! 

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