fun 4th of july activities for families

Fun 4th of July Activities for Families

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Fun 4th of July Activities for Families 

OK, first of all, what are you wearing for July 4th? If you’re scrambling for the perfect outfit, put those worries away! I have plenty for you to choose from here. Now, what are your favorite things to do for Independence Day? Whether you’re wanting to find new traditions or want to switch up how you celebrate, these fun 4th of July activities for families will work perfectly for you! 

I’m a huge fan of 4th of July, so we are celebrating this holiday literally all day long. We start with breakfast and end with fireworks, and there’s fun packed all in between. The nice part about 4th of July--or any holiday--is you can celebrate it any way you want. Whether you’re the one who wants to pack as many activities in as you can, or one activity is just enough, you’ll find some favorites here in my round up for fun 4th of July activities for families.

Activity #1: Fireworks

When you hear 4th of July what do you think of? Let me guess, fireworks. Fireworks are probably the most common tradition for 4th of July, and I love them! I mostly love it because of the excitement it brings to my kids (and me and Bryce if I’m being honest). The combination of the booms, the sparks, and the view just make me stare up at the night sky in awe! I love this land. 

Do a quick search on the internet to find the local firework show and the details on it. You could take your pick on which one seems the best. Some shows have music that go with it, a variety of fireworks that you don’t see very often, or food trucks where you can buy a favorite treat to enjoy while watching. If you’re not a huge fireworks fan, there’s plenty of other fun activities you can do to celebrate this wonderful holiday. 

Activity #2: Parade

My town puts on a parade every 4th of July and there’s a big celebration at the end in a community park. There’s vendors, music, food, and kid-friendly activities all over. Going to these events makes me feel united with my community, which I love. 

There’s a certain excitement about parades, don’t you think? I’m not just talking about the excitement your kids have when candy is thrown their way, but the energy you feel of that many people in one place who are united in a good cause. A parade is such a great way to draw people together while keeping them entertained! If you want to go all in at this parade, bring some homemade parade pom-poms with you to wave at all the floats! 

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Activity #3: Anything with Water

Whether it’s going swimming at a pool or lake, floating down a river, or running through some sprinklers in your backyard, this holiday definitely calls for a water party. Since it’s a holiday right in the middle of summer, it will probably be hot. Throwing on those swimsuits and hitting the pool is the perfect way to continue celebrating as the day goes on.

There may even be community pools or other places that are hosting special events to celebrate the holiday together. Or, you could be the host of your own pool party! Invite some family and friends over and have the water activities in the backyard. This is a great way to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy their time together too.  

Activity #4: Cookout / Barbecue

What’s your traditional meal for 4th of July? We love doing a cookout or barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs along with all the yummy sides. You could turn this into a family and friend gathering too! (If you’re inviting them over to swim, just turn it into a potluck!) Celebrating a holiday is always more exciting with food and friends. Here’s a few tips for hosting a fun and easy 4th of July party! 

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Activity #5: Themed At-Home Ideas

There’s still plenty of ways to celebrate the 4th of July from home. One of the easiest ways is to take everyday activities and change them up to make them themed for Independence Day. 

Baking: You could bake cookies or another yummy treat in the shape of a star and use red, white, and blue sprinkles or frosting to decorate! These could easily become a dessert at your cookout too. Also, an easy go-to breakfast meal is pancakes/waffles with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. It’s delicious and beautiful! 

Nails: Red, white, blue nails are so fun for July 4th! This is something you could do with friends, on your own, or with your little girls. This is a fun and easy bonding activity to get you ready for the holiday!

Sparklers: These are kid-friendly fireworks you could do in your backyard. You could also do poppers or other small fireworks. Some of us have smaller kids who need to go to bed before the big firework show, so it would be fun to do a special smaller show just for them.

Crafting: You could take the crafting activities you already do with your little ones like coloring, painting, or playdoh and use the colors red, white and blue symbolizing the colors of our country! Check out this post for tons more fun craft ideas you can do with kids too.

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I hope you found some things you want to try from these 4th of July activities! Follow me on Instagram @loveoliveco to let me know how you’ll be celebrating! And what you’re planning on wearing!


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