Family Room Makeover Reveal

Family Room Makeover Reveal

Family Room Makeover

This week has flown by you guys!  We have had a busy week over here working on another “Review It: Steph” episode that I have been DYING to share with you.  Today I will be sharing the details with you about our latest family room makeover!  I have always said that it pays off to have talented friends.  Well, this week it totally paid off when my good friend from high school, Vanessa, helped me completely transform our family room from drab to fab.  

family room makeover ideas with love olive co.  A complete list of ideas on how to update your family room.

Vanessa is a designer and the owner of Stratton House Co.  She has impeccable taste and sells the absolute cutest home accessories, so I knew that she was exactly who I needed to help me give our family room a little face lift.  We had so much fun working on this family room makeover together and I am still amazed with the finished product, soooooo you could say we are pretty much the dream team!  Let’s go over some of my favorite details.


First, here is a before picture of the space!  I love my green wall and knew that I wanted to find a way to draw attention to it in a simple and sophisticated way.  We started with a clean slate by placing all the furniture, then we worked our way through the decorations with a rug, wall art, and some cute pillows.  I was blown away at the difference these additions made to this family room makeover! 

Big Statement Pieces

We chose a few big statement pieces and they alone made such a big difference!  They really brought the room together and made it feel cozier and more welcoming.  I chose very neutral pieces that I knew would be timeless and last through our ever-changing home.  

I also made a very conscious effort to keep all the pieces that we used within our budget.  So, if you are looking to give your own family room a makeover I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite pieces that I feel made the biggest difference in the transformation of this family room.


I am completely obsessed with the color and texture of this rug.  As soon as we put it down the entire room instantly felt more like home.  This rug is from Stratton House and I have been so impressed with the quality!  It is the 9 x 12 “sloan” rug… If you would like to see a sample of the rug before you purchase it, go to their website, and purchase a sample piece for less than $30.  This is such a great way to see how it looks in your space before fully investing!

Navy Ottoman

We loved this ottoman so much that we thought it made sense to get two for the family room! The subtle pattern is beautiful and helped to add a different texture to the room, which gave it a lot more dimension.  The blue fabric is so fabulous.  I think it might help in hiding any paw prints left behind by the wild children who roam these parts.  

White Baskets 

Baskets are great because they look good and serve as a place to store things.  These small tapered baskets are so dang cute and fit perfectly on our shelf.  Will we fill them with books, toys, or both? Only time will tell!  I also love that they were less than $10.  These white baskets work great for a family room and would also work for a wide variety of rooms in your home.

Artificial Fern 

Nobody wants to be responsible for killing the “love fern” (bonus points if you can name that movie), so we went with an artificial plant option!  I love having plants in my home, but I do not love taking care of them.  This fern satisfied both preferences perfectly and I smile every time I see it in the family room.  It was only $5.00 and is part of the Studio McGee line at Target.  Need I say more?  

Black Frames 

How great are these black frames?  The black matte was just too good to pass up.  They went perfectly with the prints that we found!  They are another timeless purchase that allows you to mix and match prints and/or pictures in the future.  The size of the exact ones on my wall are 24 x 36.

Abstract Navy Print

Would you believe me if I told you this print was $5?  Well believe it, because $5 has never looked so good!  I love minimalist art and the navy in this print is so spectacular.  

Abstract Burgundy Print 

Same print shop, same price, same perfection, different color.  I can’t even pick which one I like most because they are both so wonderful!  I love that the matching frames added symmetry, but the different pictures added character to the family room.  Not to mention, they contrast beautifully with my green wall! 

Pillows & Blankets 

Give me all the pillows and blankets!  If I could throw 100 pillows on that couch I would.  I love how all the different colors and patterns tied this room together so perfectly.  We purchased all the pillows and the blanket at Highland Gardens.  I obsess over everything in their shop, check them out on Instagram, @highlandgardens

Intrinsic BowlMarble Rose Bowl Scalloped Photo FrameBlack and White Frame Bone Photo FrameRohini Pot Brass Metal ObjectGinger JarsTwo Tone Marble Bookends Glass Box Bamboo BoxesJute and Wood Bead GarlandWhitewashed Wood BowlEmbossed Gemma Bowl | Paper Mache Bowl 

Stratton House

The rest of the décor pieces that we used to style the shelves in this lovely family room makeover are all from Stratton House!  They have so many fun options that are neutral and would look great in every home from modern to farmhouse.  As you can see, Vanessa has great taste and everything that she puts in her shop is top notch wonderful.  I would highly suggest that you go find them on Instagram, to find more amazing home décor and for awesome styling tips!  They were so generous and said that she would give all our followers 20% off their purchase until the end of November!  Use code:  STEPH20

Review It: Steph

Do you guys love this space as much as I do?  I would love to hear your thoughts!  I am so happy with the way that it turned out and excited to spend more quality time in this room as a family. 

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simple family room makeover ideas.  Simple ideas on how to transform your family


family room makeover with love olive co.  A few simple ideas to makeover your entire family room.


family room makeover ideas with love olive co.  a simple guide to help you give your family room a makeover.