family photo style guide with love olive co.

Family Photo Style Guide with Love Olive Co.

Family Photo Style Guide with Love Olive Co

Do you take family photos in the Fall? I know 2021 has (still) been anything but normal, but family pictures in the Fall is one tradition I’m not willing to let go of this year. Even with everything being different, it’s still important to document you.

Choosing outfits for everyone in your family to wear for family photos is the hardest part of the process, am I right? Here at Love Olive Co, we know that if you feel good about how you look, your family photos will look great. Here’s a family photo style guide with Love Olive Co. 

Choose a Color Scheme

When you are choosing your clothing for your family photos, you need to choose a few colors that go together for your color scheme. Gone are the days of khaki pants and navy blue shirts. Now we know to choose a few complementary colors that “go together” over 1-2 colors that match exactly. This will give your photos more movement, interest, and it also opens up more options for you to shop from your closets!

Here are a few color schemes that are great for family photos.


Family Photo Style Guide: Color Schemes

Family photo style guide color schemes


These Earthy tones are great for Fall photos because they blend into the fading greens of the trees and grasses. 


When you’re taking family photos in an urban setting, wearing bold colors can be a great way to stand out next to the brick and asphalt surrounding you.


Do you love the country? These tones are gorgeous set against rolling fields during harvest. 

Color schemes for family photo shoot


You can’t go wrong with neutral colors for a photo shoot. These colors look great in many different backgrounds and settings. Check out this neutral colored sweater to spark some ideas. 

Holiday Glam

The holidays are coming up quickly, and it can be fun to glam up you and your family for your holiday photos. Choose one bold color to base the rest of your looks around.

Jewel Toned

Jewel tones are gorgeous in the Fall. They pop against urban and rural backgrounds and are usually pretty easy to find in shades that flatter everyone. 

how to mix and match patterns for family photos.

Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns among family members lets you play with more clothing options. There is a trick to doing this, though. You don’t want to have bold stripes and bold polka dots right next to each other. Rather, mix a subtle floral with a more bold pattern like a stripe or check. Shop our Fall patterns here

Use Accessories to Bring in More Color

Accessories are a great way to bring in more colors! With the temps dropping, adding some brightly colored tights, hats, or jackets can really bring some added interest to your outfits without too much hassle on your part. 

Think About Your Background

Where are you taking your photos? Will you be in an urban area or on a farm? Is it warm or cold? Think about what your background looks like as you plan your outfits for your family photos. If you are on the beach, it would be weird to wear layers and winter beanies, right?

If you can, try to pick your color scheme so it either blends in with your background or it stands out from it. The biggest mistake you can make is to clash with your background. You will be disappointed with how your pictures turn out if you don’t take the background into consideration.

where something you feel beautiful in.

Wear Something You Feel Beautiful In

The old saying applies here. “If mama ain't happy, nobody is happy.” If you don’t feel beautiful and comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show in your pictures. Take the time to find something you love, and build the family’s outfits around that. It’s easy to focus on the kids’ outfits and just throw something on for yourself at the last minute. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in photos. Don’t forget yourself!

This family photo style guide with Love Olive Co. is just a jumping off point. We hope these ideas help you as you get ready for your family photos this year! At Love Olive Co we want every woman to feel and look beautiful. We love bringing beautiful clothes to our customers and brightening their lives. Be sure to check often for our new releases here. 

Also, we are always giving tips and tricks to the best outfit ideas and info on our latest releases over on our Instagram @loveoliveco, so make sure to follow us!

A family photo style guide with tips from Love Olive Co.


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family photo style guide with love olive co.
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