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Easy Boho Braids Anyone Can Do

I love learning new hairstyles. Since I own my own clothing boutique, we have photo shoots often with our new clothes and it’s so fun to create new hairstyles for the girls who model for us! Today I’m sharing 2 easy boho braids for some recent looks we used in our photo shoots.

Easy Boho Braids that Anyone Can Do www.oliveave.com/blogs

I am not a pro by any means, but I do enjoy learning from the pros and then trying out the new styles on myself and my daughter. In fact, I recently purchased a long haired wig for myself just so I can learn more braiding techniques! (Read more about my wig journey here.) I love how these easy boho braids turned out!

Supplies needed for both easy braid tutorials:

-small, clear hair elastics

Easy Boho Braids: Topsy Turvy Braid 

1 First, you need to split the hair hair down the middle of the head. Don’t worry about being exact, just get both sides generally even. Put one side of the hair aside so you don’t get confused. 

easy boho braids

2 Next, using the small elastics gather one half of the hair into a low, loose ponytail at the base of the neck. Secure with elastic.

3 Continuing down the same ponytail about 2 inches, secure the hair with another small elastic band. This will give you a small bump in between both elastics. 

easy boho braids tutorial

4 Between the two bands, split the hair down the middle with your fingers, and open up a hole in the middle of both sections. 

5 While holding both sections from the previous step, take the ponytail below the elastic in your hand and flip it up and through the hole you created in the ponytail, creating a topsy turvy ponytail.Tighten the ponytail if needed to create the fulness you desire.

6 Repeat this process down the length of your hair. You can vary the width between elastic bands according to your taste and hair length. 

7 Pull pieces of hair out slightly in between the elastic bands to create volume and fullness if desired. 

8 Use this same process on the other half of your hair. 

my easy boho braids www.oliveave.com

9 For extra flair, insert dried flowers (we like to use baby’s breath) into the braid.

Easy Boho Braids: Looped Braid 

1 Gather a section of hair from the front of your head to across your crown and secure at the crown with an elastic hair band. 

easy boho loop braid tutorial

2 Flip that small ponytail up over your head and gather a second section of hair underneath the first section. Mimic what you did for the first step and gather from the front to the crown of your head. Secure with an elastic band.

3 Taking the top section ponytail, divide it in half directly above the hair tie and flip the hair into itself, creating a topsy turvy ponytail..

4 Take the lower ponytail and bring it up and over the top ponytail in the space created by the ponytail flip.

5 Separate the new upper ponytail into two sections, bring them both behind the lower ponytail and secure with an elastic. This will create a looped braid look.

6 Repeat this process down the length of the ponytails, being sure to alternate which hair is in front and which is behind all the way down the hair. 

7 At the bottom, finish the braid by splitting the loose hair in half and then gathering it a few inches down from the last loop of hair. 

8 For extra flair, I like to loosen the sections of hair that are created by the loops down the length of the hair. This creates a fatter, chunkier braid look. The smaller the piece that you grab from the loops, the messier and fluffier your braid will look. 

my easy boho loop braid www.oliveave.com/blogs

I love learning new hairstyles, and these braids have been so fun to do! The best part is that they are so versatile. You can easily use this same method to create a fun crown braid, an easy little girl’s hairstyle, or a really cool bun! I hope you have fun with these easy boho braids. If you're looking for amazing clothes and accessories, check out my store, Olive Ave. Boutique. We get new arrivals weekly!

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