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Dresses that Will Take You From Summer to Fall

Fall is heading our way soon and I, for one, am ready! I love the new fall styles that are coming out this year. They are so gorgeous. I really love how the colors and fabrics of summer are continuing into fall this year. This makes it even easier to transition your clothes from summer to fall! Here are my favorite dresses that will take you from summer to fall from my boutique, Olive Ave. 

Dress Trends For Summer Into Fall

1960's & 1970's Inspired Dresses


The 1960's and 1970's are back! We could all use a little more peace, love, and happiness right now, right? I love the vibe of these loose dresses. They are extremely comfortable to wear because of their loose cut, and I love to pair them with sneakers as the temperatures start to drop.

And if you really want to be historically correct, pair one of these dresses with clogs! Who knows, maybe your Mom or Grandma still has a pair from back then that you can wear!

Prairie-Chic Dresses


I like to call this style Prairie-chic. Did anyone else grow up on Little House on the Prairie? I’m pretty sure every little girl has watched or read that story multiple times. These dresses remind us of simpler times. The feminine ruffles and sleeve details are flattering on so many body types and sizes. They add just the right amount of interest to your bodice without being overwhelming. 

Overall/Apron Style Dresses

Apron Style Dresses are perfect for Fall www.oliveave.com

Back in the day, these were called jumpers. Now, we have a better way of describing this style of dress. The apron front of these dresses are perfect for maximizing your wardrobe. You can switch up the look of your outfit easily by wearing a different colored or textured shirt under these dresses. If it’s warm out, wear a short sleeve shirt underneath. And, if it’s chilly, pair this dress with a cute mock turtleneck for a completely different look. That’s what makes these my favorite dresses that will take you from summer to fall.

Sweater Dresses

Lightweight Sweater Dresses take you from summer to fall www.oliveave.com

There are lightweight sweater dresses and there are more heavyweight ones. For this summer to fall transition time, a lightweight sweater dress is a great alternative to jeans! You can feel a little more dressed up than if you wear jeans, without sacrificing comfort. If you get cold, throw a cute jean jacket over your dress or tie it around your waist and you are set! 

Babydoll/Swing Dresses

These styles of dresses are almost universally flattering. They have a more loose top and they gently flare out to the bottom. They can be short or maxi length and are seriously so comfortable to wear! They are great for throwing on during the hot summer months when you don’t want to wear too many layers. 

Swing Dresses are universally flattering www.oliveave.com

If you want more shape, you can tie a jacket or sweater around your waist, and then if the temperature drops, you are ready. This is why these are on my list for dresses that will take you from summer to fall. 

Don’t forget to Switch your Color Scheme for Fall

Beyond just the cut and style of your dresses, there are colors to take into consideration as you are planning your transition from summer to fall. The neon shades of summer are great for the hot sun, but in the fall we reach for coziness. The muted and jeweled tones of fall this year are so gorgeous. I can’t wait for the temperatures to start dropping so I can break out these new shades! 


These are just a few of the new styles of dresses that are coming out right now for fall. Every week we have new clothes added to our inventory which I love to share on my Instagram account so my followers can grab their favorites quickly! What are some of your favorite dresses that will take you from summer to fall?

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Dresses That Will Take You From Summer to Fall www.oliveave.com