cute sandals to wear all summer long.

Cute Sandals to Wear All Summer Long

Cute Sandals to Wear All Summer Long

Sandals have to be one of our favorite parts of summer. They are so easy to put on and make any summer outfit look so much cuter. We put together our top 5 pairs of cute sandals to wear all summer long. We hope you enjoy finding your favorites!!

What are your plans this summer? Do you have any fun vacations coming up? We have the perfect footwear for you whatever it is! (We also have the CUTEST swimwear you can check out here.) Whether you’re looking for some sandals for everyday casual looks, something to dress you up a bit, or anything in between, this list has it all! 

Cute Sandals to Wear All Summer Long

Cute Summer Sandals #1: Teva Flatform Sandals

Teva flatform sandals for summer.

We are in love with everything about these Teva Flatform Sandals. They are waterproof and heatproof, so what more could you ask for? This pair features a silver color and a neutral ankle strap, so these sandals could literally go with any outfit. These could easily become your new favorite summer sandals! We can’t wait to see all the places you wear these sandals this season.

Cute Summer Sandals #2: Bahama Sandals

cute rose slide sandals for summer.

You are missing out if you have yet to buy yourself a pair of slide sandals!! They are SO easy to slip on to complete any outfit and even add to the cuteness of your overall look. If you don’t believe us, just look at our Bahama Sandals in this beautiful rose color. These sandals will be perfect for every vacation, grocery store run, or park day. You will break these in so fast and will love every minute of it!

Cute Summer Sandals #3: Cloud Sandals

the perfect summer sandal.

Have you jumped on the cloud sandal trend yet? We just had to get on board with this trend because the Cloud Sandals are so amazing!! They are waterproof and sweat-resistant, so they will be perfect for you to wear all summer long. We can already think of so many places we will be wearing our cloud sandals this summer. You can buy these in white or we also have them in yellow!


Cute Summer Sandals #4: Juliette Sandals

criss cross strap sandals for summer.

OK, our Juliette Sandals take the slide sandal look up a notch with its’ criss-cross style. We don’t know if you noticed the square-shaped toe, but we definitely did! This is a trend on the rise and we are all about it. You definitely won’t regret buying yourself a pair of these sandals for the summer! We also have our Lei Sandals that are similar to our Juliette Sandals, so be sure to check those out too!

Cute Summer Sandals #5: Pons Ankle Strap

cute leather strap sandals for summer.

These Pons Ankle Strap Sandals are the ones to buy if you’re looking for something a little classier than an everyday pair of sandals. You can dress up any cute outfit with these sandals. They are handcrafted in Menorca by local artisans and are made out of natural leather and a lightweight rubber sole. And yes, they come in three different colors

Cute Summer Sandals to Wear All Summer Long

We hope you find a pair or two of cute summer sandals to wear all summer long! We did not list all of our sandals in this post, so be sure to shop the rest here if you want to keep shopping for more! You can also follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco for more tips and tricks on what to wear in any season. We have new drops every week or so that you will not want to miss!!

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