How I use clothes to create a life I love.

Get the Clothes You Need to Create a Life You Love

 When you are looking at a new year, new birthday, or even a new job opportunity, it’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself a little. Now, I’m not talking about a complete overhaul, necessarily. But sometimes, you need to create a life you love by choosing clothes that will help you get there. The problem is that it can be tricky knowing just exactly what to choose!

Get the Clothes You Need to Create a Life You Love

 May I make a few suggestions? 

I love to change up my wardrobe based on how I’m feeling and how I want to feel. When I’m working on reaching goals, improving myself, or even just trying to boost my mood, the right outfit or accessories can really help! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items at Love, Olive Co. that are sure to put a smile on your face! I’ve got choices for big and small budgets, too, so don’t worry!

You Can Never Have Too Many Accessories

A new year, new month, or a new birthday are all great times to re-define your personal style. I love to start with accessories because they are easy to change up to suit my mood. Plus, they are really fun to play around with! 

Accessories for the life you want to live!


Shoes Can Make The Outfit

Shoes are my love language. Are they yours, too? I love how the right pair of shoes can totally change the way an outfit looks and feels. If you take a dress and pair it with some combat boots, you have a completely different look from what might be expected. What shoe trends have you been dying to try lately? Maybe now is the time to take the plunge and do something out of the box!

Shoes for the life you want.


Not-so-Basic, Basics

Everyone loves a good basic clothing item. They are one of those necessities when you’re building a wardrobe you love. But, have you ever gotten in a rut of just owning basics? I know I’ve struggled with that before. Here are some items that can help you get out of that ‘basic’ rut and help you start to branch out more! 

Basics that Aren't Boring


Bottoms Up!

Just like with shoes, the right style of bottoms you wear can completely change the look of your outfit. Don’t forget that you can wear more than joggers and skinny jeans! Now, I love my joggers as much (or more) as the next girl, but we all need to change things up and try new things, right? I’ve grown to love cropped jeans, comfy skirts, and yes, overalls! Don’t worry, I still have major heart eyes for my joggers, I just give them a break a few times a week.

Bottoms up!


Create a Life You Love

Now that your shopping list is a mile long, what trend will you try next? Create a life you love by dressing for the part! I love to switch up my wardrobe and try new things because it helps me to really envision myself in a new way. Sometimes something as simple as a new hat, shirt, or skirt can change how you view yourself and the world. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Find me here, or on Instagram @loveoliveco

Choosing Clothes to Create Your Perfect Style

Change Your Life by Changing Your Clothes