best winter shoes to wear with dresses.

Best Winter Shoes to Wear with Dresses

Best Winter Shoes to Wear with Dresses

Are you wondering how to style some of your favorite dresses for the winter season? A huge part of that comes with your shoe choice. We have some of the best winter shoes to wear with dresses that you are going to love!! Having some stylish pairs of winter shoes help you wear your favorite outfits all year long, so they are probably one of the best things ever invented, honestly!

Booties are becoming more and more popular and we love seeing the new designs and colors that keep coming out. We’ve added a nice selection in our store and we are going to showcase some of our favorites in this post! And we are showing a little love to some clog-style winter shoes as well. Whether you are looking for a specific style or color, or are shopping just for fun, we know you’ll find a pair or two of winter shoes that you soon cannot live without. Let’s get started!

Winter Dress Shoes #1: Sephira Boots

stylish white boots to wear with dresses.

Get ready to add some spunk into your life with these Sephira Boots. These boots feature a detailed design all along the upper part of the boot, have a chic pointed-toe look, and come in white! Have you ever seen anything like it? These boots could be worn with a long flowy dress or a knee-length form-fitting dress, or literally anything in between. These boots will make any outfit look 10x better!  

Winter Dress Shoes #2: Sofia Clogs

classy leather clog shoes with wooden platform and heel.

OK, aren’t these Sofia Clogs in a wine color so beautiful? Our Sofia Clogs are made out of real leather and have a wooden platform and heel detail. This style of shoe is a favorite for our customers and we can see why. They are so cute and classy and will elevate any dress you pair with them. You can wear a pair of tights or some cute socks to add a layer of warmth if desired, but these clogs are a great option to pair with your winter outfit! And don’t worry, we have several more clog styles you can choose from HERE

Winter Dress Shoes #3: Gianna Boots

chic booties to wear with your winter outfits.

For those more casual dresses, Gianna Boots are the perfect choice to help complete the outfit. They are super comfortable so you can easily wear them all day, yet they have this refined look about them that will add some extra flare to your dresses. This pair featured here is in our classy light grey color, but we have several more colors you can choose from HERE, so go find your favorite ones! 

Winter Dress Shoes #4: Jessica Boots

cute black booties with an off-white sole and heel.

The Jessica Boots take our breath away. We love literally everything about them and as soon as you get your first pair you’ll understand why. They feature a 3 ½ inch heel, an off-white sole, and a zipper to make it easy to get them on and off. The only problem with these boots is we can’t decide if we love black or ivory more. We can’t wait to see all the dresses you’ll style with these boots! 

Best Winter Shoes to Wear with Dresses

We told you these are the best winter shoes to wear with dresses! Which ones are your favorite? We can’t wait to see which ones you pick and start styling with your winter dresses and outfits! Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram @loveoliveco so you can find more shoes and clothes you’ll love and tips on how to style them!

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