best bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding.

Best Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding

Best Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding

Looking for the best dress for your bridesmaids?? Or, maybe you are the bridesmaid looking for a dress for your best friend’s wedding! And if you’re going to spend the money, you might as well find something you’re going to want to wear again, right? We’ve got the perfect picks that will never go out of style. Here are the best bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding.

What makes an ideal bridesmaid dress for a spring wedding? It comes down to three things: flow, color, and detail. Your dress has got to have some kind of twirl to it because those make for the best pictures and for dancing all night long at the reception! And, of course, the color palette has to match the season and the bride’s wishes. Lastly, the detail of the dress is what gives it that extra oomph that every bridesmaid needs. And our bridesmaid dresses check the box in all three of these categories!

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #1: Anabel Dress

flowy pink bridesmaid dress.

We said flow is one of the most important requirements for a bridesmaid dress and our Anabel Dress understood the assignment!! She is all flow and comes in the cutest pink color. This dress is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, which is exactly what you would want in a bridesmaid dress. You will feel like a princess all night long in this dress yet feel like you’re wearing pajamas. It’s the best!

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #2: Malory Dress

olive green bridesmaid dress.

You are going to fall in love with the Malory Dress as soon as you slip this baby on. Can we talk about the smocked bodice and v-neck line? That paired with the flowy short sleeves gives this dress such an elevated elegant look that would make any bridal party shine. Plus, the midi-length is perfect so you can show off those gorgeous heels you have picked out to wear for the night. 

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #3: Amira Dress

light blue bridesmaid dress with a tulle detail.

Isn’t our Amira Dress so adorable?! This dress is full of mesmerizing details that take this dress to another level. Dare we say bridesmaid squad goals?? It has a smocked bodice and a unique ruffled pattern throughout the skirt piece and sleeves, all made out of tulle. It is so fun and you’ll be getting so many compliments on it every time you wear it. You’ll literally feel like a goddess floating on air!!

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #4: Faith Dress

beautiful modest dress for bridesmaids.

Our Faith Dress could easily be added to your spring wardrobe after wearing it as your bridesmaid dress. It has beautiful tiered detail throughout the dress and has an elastic around the sleeves to create that extra poof in the shoulders! We promise you’ll want to be twirling all night long in this dress! And don’t worry, it comes in five different colors, so take your pick!

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #5: Adore You

beautiful and fun ruffled bridesmaid dress.

OK, we know we are raving about all of these bridesmaid dresses, but the Adore You Dress?? Look at this beautiful piece of fabric!! It is so amazing and has bridesmaid written all over it. Please click the link and look at the other pictures of this dress because you have to see it in all its glory. It is so amazing in every way and you will feel like a million bucks once you get all dolled up and style this beauty all night long!

Best Spring Bridesmaid Dress #6: Nicole 

blue ruffled dress for your bridesmaids.

OK, we know we included other ruffled options on this list already, but we had to include the Nicole Dress because of the material it is made out of! It has the most amazing textured silk-like material that is to die for. It’s shiny, soft, and glimmers just right. Not to mention the way it hugs you just right to show off your curves but leave you plenty of space for that wedding cake!! This is seriously one of our top picks for a bridesmaid dress and we know you’ll love it too.

Best Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding

Which one is your favorite?! These seriously are the best bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding and will make any celebration better. You can check out our Instagram highlight HERE to show you a live try-on of each one from this list! And while you’re there, make sure to give us a follow so you can stay up to date with our latest drops. We have some big things happening we don’t want you to miss!

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