back to school outfit ideas your will love.

Back to School Outfit Ideas

Back to School Outfit Ideas

There’s always a sad part of me when summer is over--the warmer weather and sunshine especially. However, there’s so many things to look forward to with the seasons changing too--like Fall outfits! Whether you’re the one going back to school or your kids are the ones going back, we have some of the best choices to plan your back to school outfit ideas. 

I remember when I was in school, the first day's outfit was always a big deal. Now that I’m a mom out of school, I still care about what I wear. Of course, both scenarios require an outfit that makes you feel like a rockstar. These back to school outfit ideas will definitely help you feel that way! I’m so excited just thinking about all the choices for you, so let’s jump right in! 

Back to School Outfit Ideas

What have you noticed is trending right now? We’ve noticed fun, flirty dresses, printed tees, and lots of denim (can denim even go out of style?). As a busy mom or student, we know comfort is a big deal. That’s why all of these options provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing the style and overall look of the outfit. Are you ready to create your ultimate back to school outfits?!


If you’re one of those girls who feels confident in a flowy dress, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. The dresses pictured are some of our most popular items, but there’s tons more for you to pick your favorites on our website. You can pair your dress with some cute sandals or trendy sneakers and you’ll be set for that first day back to school! 

white flowy dress comfortable enough for the everyday routine.

casual striped tee dress perfect for a back to school outfit.


Whether you want to dress it up with a blouse or keep it casual with a printed tee, both looks will be perfect for your back to school outfit. Be sure to check out all of our options to find your favorite top. I’m excited just thinking about all the options you can pair together with a cute skirt or pants

dressy white blouse perfect for a busy mom.

Graphic tee that can be styled so many different ways.


Who else is in love with denim? It’s just so stylish yet versatile! It’s the busy mom’s and school girl’s best friend. We have SO many denim options for you so I know you’ll find a favorite--or three. Of course, we have the trendy high-waisted jeans and the frilly jeans--we even have them in several different washes, so go pick your favorite!

white washed jeans comfortable and stylish for the young college student.

jeans that will make you feel like hot stuff no matter what you pair them with.


Are you more of a sneaker or sandal kinda gal? Well, we have both in several different styles just for you. You can pair one of your back to school outfits with these flirty sandals or these on-the-go sneakers and you’ll feel like showing off your feet to everyone that passes by. More importantly, your feet will stay comfortable whether you’re running to your next class or down the grocery aisle! 

Brown flats to pair with your favorite outfit.

Try these cheetah sneakers to spice up your back to school outfit.


Sometimes you just need a flashy accessory to make your statement. You could be wearing the most basic outfit and throw on a pair of eye-catching earrings and your outfit could become memorable. Plus, it’s fun pairing different accessories to an outfit--all the way from a jacket to a necklace--and seeing which one looks best. 

Try a pair of bold earrings to make a statement with your back to school outfit.

The jean jacket that can be paired with literally any back to school outfit--for the mom or the college kid.

We are so grateful to help put together your back to school outfit ideas! Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco and send us a pic of the outfits you created! We are so excited to see them!! No matter what you decide, we know you’ll look like the boss babe you are! 


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