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80s Outfits to Wear to Halloween Parties

80s Outfits to Wear to Halloween Parties

Who is pumped for Halloween?! We definitely are over at Love Olive Co! We are all about Halloween parties (and costumes, of course), spooky traditions, and Fall fashion! We have SO many cute 80s outfits to wear to Halloween parties that you will love! We know you’ll find a favorite, we just can’t wait to see which one it is! 

Whether you want to show off an amazing costume at a Halloween party or will be wearing your costume while trick or treating with your kiddos, we have some fun 80s Halloween costume ideas that will be perfect for the event! 

The best kind of Halloween costumes are the ones that you can wear over and over again even after Halloween. Luckily, we have some stellar 80s inspired clothes that when paired together, can create the ultimate 80s outfits to wear to Halloween parties. Let’s get started! 

80s Outfits to Wear to Halloween Parties 

When you think of the 80s what fashion trends do you think of? We think of denim, bright colors, and flashy pieces that really make you stand out. We’ve picked out several items that embrace this look, so hopefully you find some ideas that you love most! 

80s Outfit Idea #1: Denim 

One of the most iconic 80s trends is being COVERED in denim. So, bring on the boyfriend jean jackets. We have two that would be perfect for this look. It’s our tribal jean jacket and our spears jean jacket. The tribal has this amazing pattern mixed in with the denim that just screams 80s. If you want to keep it classic, our spears jacket is the way to go.

We even have this denim overall dress (three of our favorite things all mixed into one piece!) that could work for your 80s costume. We are in love with the overall vibe of this dress. You can pair it with a bright colored blouse or a graphic tee and some boots or sneakers to finish off the costume!

tribal denim jacket. www.loveoliveco.com  white washed faded jean jacket. www.loveoliveco.com

denim overall dress. www.loveoliveco.com

80s Outfit Idea #2: Sweaters 

Baggy, loose fitting sweaters paired with some high waisted jeans is all about the 80s. (Even though that sounds like a trend we wear today! It’s funny how fashion gets repeated.) We have a couple sweaters that are perfect for this look. It’s our bright pink Adelle sweater and our heart Blakely sweater. Which one is your favorite?! 

Wait for it...we even have this Murray sweater DRESS. Yes. The patterns on this and the way it was sewn together is very 80s so it’s a top choice for your 80s costume, but also just to wear for an everyday outfit! 

bright pink textured sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

heart graphic sweater. www.loveoliveco.com

vintage sweater dress in grey. www.loveoliveco.com

80s Outfit Idea #3: Sweat Suit 

Sweat suit, anyone? We know windsuits scream 80s. While we don’t have any of those, we do have this amazing bright pink Zenda pullover and pant set that is even better. One, the color is all about the 80s. Two, it has a full body sweat suit look that offers optimal comfort. Pair this with your favorite pair of sneakers and you have a rockin’ 80s outfit! 

bright pink sweat suit. www.loveoliveco.com

80s Outfit Idea #4: Graphic Tee 

Graphic tees, especially of rock bands, are a huge trend from the 80s. We have the perfect tee that even has a cheetah on it!! When we found this, we got so excited and knew we needed to add it to this list! It’s our World Tour top. You can style this in so many different ways. It really is perfect for your costume or just to be added to your killer wardrobe! 

world tour graphic tee. www.loveoliveco.com

80s Outfit Idea #5: Outerwear

We have a few items that can be added on to your 80s look. These two pieces could really complete your 80s costume. Are you ready for it? It’s our snakeskin Geraldine boots and our Junie blazer. These two really embrace the 80s era. You could even put these two pieces together for your outfit and keep it simple for the rest of it, because this is all people will be staring at! 

snakeskin heeled boots. www.loveoliveco.com

80s inspired women's blazer. www.loveoliveco.com

We are SO excited to see what you put together from these 80s outfits to wear to Halloween parties! Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco and send us pictures of your costume creations! We are so happy these items can turn into some of your favorite everyday outfits too. Aren’t clothes just the best?! PS, we have this post featuring 5 Halloween costumes anyone can do. Be sure to check that out too! 

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80s outfits for halloween parties. www.loveoliveco.com
80s themed outfits perfect for halloween parties. www.loveoliveco.com