5 Ways to Style Sets

5 Ways to Style Sets

Sets are all the rage right now, and I am so here for it. This week alone, we released 7 sets. Yeah you heard me right, 7 SETS. I can't stop, sets are just the most easy and functional pieces I've ever put on. Since we have so many sets this week, it felt fitting to show you how I like to style my sets. So in this blog, I'm going to give you all my favorite tips and tricks to styling sets. Buckle up, because we've got some killer cute sets coming your way!

First in the line up is this adorable black set. It has a long sleeve and jogger style bottom, but the best part is the light-weight fabric that's good for all seasons. The nights in Rexburg get a little chilly, so I threw on this denim jacket to add a layer. An awesome trick with sets is to add a jacket or cardigan on to break the set up a little bit. Sets tend to be the same color all around, so it's nice to have something to offset the color a little. Then I put this hat on and I cannot seem to take it off, so here it is with this set, (You'll probably be seeing it a lot more because it's pretty much my favorite thing right now.) I threw these sneakers on because they go with absolutely everything and viola! My first outfit!

This set fulfills all of my purple dreams. It's insanely soft and the perfect length. Here's a tip with oversized set tops, tie them up or tuck them in! Sets look so much better when they have some shape to them, so tying them up or tucking them can be so flattering. Another tip is to dress sets up with sandals. These sandals are great to put with sets to dress them, and they are extremely comfortable. I love all of it!

This set. THIS SET. I promise I wear this set in every single color almost every single day. It's so good. Another way you can style sets is to tie something around your waist! I have a denim jacket here, but you can always use a pullover, a hoodie, or a flannel to accomplish the same thing. This adds definition to your waist, and also covers up anything you don't want anyone to see! I, of course, styled this set with some Salt Waters because I live in them and here's the outfit!


Sometimes sets don't need much help, they're pretty amazing on their own, like this one! I'm all about the star pattern and the fabric of this set is amazing. It's the same set as the black one above, but just a little more fun with the pattern! This is a prime mom-ing outfit because it's so breathable and easy to move around in. I could chase Hen around all day in this outfit!


Last, but not least, is this outfit. It's simple. It's easy. It's adorable. There's not much else to it. This denim jacket breaks up the color in the set and my Salt Waters are a necessity *always*. You could add a baseball cap to this outfit to keep the sun off of your face and you're ready to hit the town!  

I'm so in love with all of the sets we've gotten this week and I can't wait to see how you style them. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly styling tips with Steph!