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5 Ways to Style a Turtleneck

5 Ways to Style a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are a classic piece of clothing. They have been around for ages and in all different styles. Turtlenecks can be worn in so many different ways and paired with so many different things. But what are the best ways to style them now? We put together 5 ways to style a turtleneck that will give you some ideas on how to incorporate this coveted style into your very own wardrobe! 

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of turtlenecks in neutral colors (black, white, brown, gray) that can act as base layers to your winter outfits. This makes it so you can wear the same shirt in several different ways (and one would never know it’s the same shirt!). We love it when we can double up on clothing items and make brand new outfits out of them! This is one of the many reasons why turtlenecks are a staple for winter wear. 

If you have a few turtlenecks in your closet, but can never figure out a way to style them that you love yourself in, get ready because you’re about to find some ideas that will finally make your turtlenecks shine! 

Turtleneck Style #1: With a Blazer

white turtleneck styled with a blazer. www.loveoliveco.com

The first style idea on the list is pairing your turtleneck with a blazer. Layer it with this cute one HERE and you’ll feel like an absolute boss babe. The turtleneck pictured here is a thinner material, so it’s a good one to layer with. But don’t let the thinness deter you because this top will keep you so warm! Also, are you loving this color scheme as much as we are? If you can’t get over this outfit ensemble, you can check out the pants HERE. Just get the whole outfit and you can’t go wrong! 

Turtleneck Style #2: With a Dress

black and white boxy fit dress layered with a turtleneck and denim jacket. www.loveoliveco.com

We are so proud of this outfit!! The layers, the details, and the overall vibe are just perfect. The dress featured here is our Tylan Dress. It is a more boxy fit and has side pockets!! It can easily have layers added to it as you can see, so this is a winner when it comes to finding clothing to style with your turtlenecks! You can also shop our denim jacket pictured above right HERE

Turtleneck Style #3: With a Long Winter Coat

high-quality long winter coat. www.loveoliveco.com

OK, we have the perfect long winter coat for you to wear with your turtlenecks!! It is our Kyson Coat and it will literally make any top look amazing. Seriously, once you put this coat on you will feel like you can take on the world! It is made out of a super durable material and feels so soft and fuzzy, so it can’t get any better than that. You can put on your turtleneck and finish it off with this long winter coat and you will be ready to walk out the door. We love when we can find pieces that make it so easy to look and feel so cute, and this Kyson Coat is definitely one of them!

Turtleneck Style #4: With a Skirt 

corduroy skirt paired with a black and white striped turtleneck. www.loveoliveco.com

Isn’t this turtleneck and skirt combo to die for?! And it is literally so simple to put together. You know you’ve got a good find when you have simple pieces that include some added detail! For example, this striped turtleneck here has a ruffled detail on the border of the sleeves and the skirt is made out of corduroy and has a nice gold zipper detail down the middle of it. Details like this are what really make an outfit stand out. Plus, now you can see how cute a skirt can be with a turtleneck! 

Turtleneck Style #5: With a Jumper

olive green jumper that can be worn all year round. www.loveoliveco.com

Sorry to throw you off with the spring-themed pic, but we just wanted to showcase our Abe Jumpsuit!! You can literally wear this jumper all year round and is a great option for layering with a turtleneck underneath. Just get one of your basic turtlenecks that we talked about earlier and finish this look off with a pair of booties and you’ve got a killer winter outfit!

5 Ways to Style a Turtleneck

What’d you think of our 5 ways to style a turtleneck?! We hope you got some inspo on how to style your own looks and we can’t wait to see what you end up with. Take a pic and tag us on Instagram!! You can find us @loveoliveco and make sure to give us a follow so you can keep getting the best tips on the cutest clothes you love! 

P.S. One way to really spice up your turtleneck outfits is to add some statement necklaces and we’ve got a whole collection you can browse through HERE. Seriously, necklaces are a great way to elevate a look and they really stand out with turtlenecks!! 

best styling tips for turtlenecks. www.loveoliveco.com
how to style a turtleneck. www.loveoliveco.com
5 ways to style a turtleneck. www.loveoliveco.com
five ways to style a turtleneck. www.loveoliveco.com