5 swimsuits moms love. www.loveoliveco.com

5 Swimsuits Moms Love

5 Swimsuits Moms Love

I love how there’s a special excitement in the air every year at the start of summer. There’s something about sunshine, warm weather, and water that gets everyone giddy! With warmer weather and water also comes swimsuits. I’ve got you covered on that one this year! Here’s my top 5 swimsuits moms love.

I don’t know if you’re someone who feels like you have to prep for your “beach bod” before summer hits, but I want you to know that a “beach bod” is nothing more than a body on a beach. Isn’t that great?! I fully support that fact. 

When thinking of buying your next swimsuit, what features matter to you? Of course you’ll think about the style and pattern of it, but also think about how comfortable you’d be in it, the versatility, and perhaps your ability to mix and match to get the most out of your purchase.

Whatever is most important to you in a swimsuit, I’m sure you’ll find a favorite in these 5 swimsuits moms love. At Love, Olive Co. we have such cute swimsuits that work for so many different body types, so you can feel confident and comfortable on that beach trip or lake day! 

5 Swimsuits Moms Love

Swimsuit #1: Nani Cascade One Piece

The Nani Cascade One Piece is so versatile it almost seems like magic. Its side ruching and wide shoulder strap make it flattering for any body type. Don’t worry about the one strap style because it has a silicone grip strip on the inside to hold up the side without a strap. Even the colors and the pattern of the diagonal lines helps feature your body type in a way you’ll love! Are you feeling like this is your next swimsuit?! 

one piece swimsuit moms will love. www.loveoliveco.com

Swimsuit #2: Colorblock Crop Top & Bottoms

The Colorblock Crop Top and Bottoms come in two different color palettes. Both--the marine and the sherbet--are so fun, but you can find the style that better suits your personality! This suit is styled to keep you tucked and comfortable no matter your level of activity. One of my favorite features about this suit is it’s zipper in the back. It provides an easy slip on fit, but still gives that support you’re wanting! 

crop top and high waisted bottoms, two-piece swimsuit. www.loveoliveco.com

Swimsuit #3: Leopard One-Piece Swim

Isn’t this leopard one-piece swim to die for?! The added ruffles to the shoulder straps is what gets me. However, the style isn’t the only thing you’ll love about this swimsuit. It has a ruched waist creating ultimate comfort and features a plunging neckline that helps accentuate your body type in all the right ways. Plus, the v-neck is a great option for nursing mamas. Is this going to be your pick out of the 5 swimsuits moms love?

leopard print one piece swimsuit. www.loveoliveco.com

Swimsuit #4: Side Tie Bottoms

These side-tie bottoms cover up just enough for you to feel safe, yet reveal enough for you to feel flirty. You can match it with any top--or tops--you’d like. That’s the nice thing about cute bottoms--you can pair it with several different solid color tops and it still gives an overall cute look. Sometimes a two-piece swimsuit is just the better option. If you feel that way too, these bottoms must be the next addition to your wardrobe. 

side tie bottoms to mix and match swimsuit. www.loveoliveco.com

Swimsuit #5: Ruched High-Rise Bottoms

I had to do another feature on cute bottoms because of what it will bring you. These Ruched High-Rise Bottoms are pretty special because they fall into that category of “cute and cozy.” Who doesn’t want to live in that clothes category all the time?! You can pair these bottoms with almost any top of your choice, so again you are creating multiple outfits out of one material of clothing. You can make these bottoms as tight or as loose all while feeling fabulous in it.  

Ruched high waisted bottoms for moms. www.loveoliveco.com

I hope you found your next fav swimsuit from these 5 swimsuits moms love! We have more swimsuits you can check out here if you want to  keep browsing. Whatever one you choose, I know you’ll feel gorgeous in it! Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco to get the latest styles and deals on your favorite items!


5 Swimsuit moms love. www.loveoliveco.com
Swimsuits for moms. www.loveoliveco.com
5 swimsuit made for moms. www.loveoliveco.com