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5 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

I am ALLL about comfort when it comes to my style! It I can't wear it with my kids, then it’s not going to work! Of course there are times when I want to dress up and go on a date but for everyday wear I just want to be comfortable, yet put together, ya know? Put me in a graphic tee, some flannel, joggers, and Converse and I’m good to go! Of course, I haven’t always known what to wear. I’ve figured out my personal style over time. Here’s my 5 steps to finding your personal style. 

With so many choices in clothing now, there’s no reason for anyone to be confused about what to wear. By asking yourself a few simple questions, you, too, can find your personal style and feel confident in what you are wearing! 

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Step 1- Ask yourself, “What do I gravitate towards when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident on the daily?”

For me, I always gravitate towards clothes that are comfortable and easy to chase kids in. If I worked outside of my home in an office, I’d probably gravitate towards clothes with more structure that look professional. Think about what your days consist of, where you spend your time, and what you prefer to wear while completing your daily tasks. 

Step 2- Ask yourself, “What do I have in my closet that I never wear?”

Do you love to buy blazers but spend your days changing diapers on the floor? Or do you have a closet that’s filled with bright colors but you wear the same neutral colors every day? Every few months it’s a good idea to take inventory of the clothes in your closet and weed out the things that you aren’t wearing. 

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Step 3- Pull everything out of your closet and sort it.

Now that you have an idea of what you gravitate towards every day, and you know what you aren’t wearing regularly, it’s time to pull everything out of your closet and get to work sorting it all. I like to make a few piles when I’m sorting my closet. 

  1. Clothes I wear daily/regularly in my usual life.
  2. Clothes I wear at least a few times in a season. We all have things we don’t wear everyday, but that we do wear for special occasions or events. 
  3. Clothes I never wear. These are the clothes I will either give away or sell. 

Step 4- Use Pinterest to curate your ideal closet

Pinterest is a great place to look for style inspiration as you’re finding your personal style. I love to search the trends and different style influencers as I’m deciding what I want to wear for each season. It’s easy to see what I’m gravitating towards as far as trends and styles when you have everything in one place. For instance, if I’m continually pinning jogger sets (#guilty) then I know that is something I should purchase for my closet. I know I love that look because of the pins I’ve saved, and it is a style that I know will fit with my daily life. 

Am I tempted by the trends and styles that are more structured and professional? Yep. Who isn’t tempted by clothes that you’ll never wear in real life? When I come across clothes that I love but I know I’ll never wear, I put those pins in a special board of their own. These clothes are great for inspiration, but I won’t be purchasing them for daily wear. 

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Step 5- Be confident in your choice to not participate in trends

With today’s social media influencers and so many images coming at us every day, it can be hard to feel like it’s ok to not participate in the latest fashion trends. But guess what? It’s totally ok! You should not feel like you are missing out on life because you aren’t wearing the latest trends. It’s more important for you to feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you are wearing. 

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. As women, we deal with enough on a daily basis without adding stress about what we are wearing to our plates. Now that you have my 5 steps to finding your personal style, you can feel confident in what you are wearing every day!

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