5 pool bag essentials you can't go without. www.loveoliveco.com

5 Pool Bag Essentials You Can’t Go Without

5 Pool Bag Essentials You Can’t Go Without

Who else is counting down the days for pool time and sunshine? To help you get ready for summer, we put together this list of our 5 pool bag essentials you can’t go without. These picks will make your pool days SO much better. Plus, you’ll be able to use a lot of these products for other summer activities as well, which is the best bonus!

Sometimes it can be hard to remember yourself and what you need for a pool day because you’re so worried about your kids–towels, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and on and on…

But us mamas need some pool bag essentials too to keep us protected and comfortable for the day! 

Don’t worry, we are all about helping out the mamas, and this post will help you know exactly what you need to pack in your pool bag. Since you have to pack everything for your kids, let us cover your personal pool bag checklist for you. Just gather these items and then leave them in your pool bag so they are already to go no matter when you decide to enjoy a pool day! 

5 Pool Bag Essentials You Can’t Go Without

Pool Bag Essential #1: Bucket Hat

pink floral bucket hat for women. www.loveoliveco.com

Is anyone else excited as we are about bucket hats making a come back? We have this adorable floral pink bucket hat that gives off the best pool day vibes. You won’t want to forget this hat when you’re having fun in the sun. This is the cutest solution for keeping your face protected from the sun! Now time to find a swimsuit that matches…

Pool Bag Essential #2: Lip Balm

poppy and pout lip balm. sunscreen chapstick for summer. www.loveoliveco.com

You probably don’t want to forget lip balm no matter where you go, but especially when you’re at the pool! Staying out in the sunshine and going from wet to dry can cause your lips to feel extra dry. So, make sure to grab your Poppy & Pout Lip Balm to keep your lips hydrated! We have a few different scents, so you can choose your favorite. Plus, one of the included ingredients is sunscreen so it really is the perfect chap stick for your pool bag!

Pool Bag Essential #3: Hair Clip

Hair clips to keep in your pool bag all summer long. www.loveoliveco.com

A hair clip or some type of hair tie is a definite must-have for your pool bag. We’ve got to protect our hair from getting wet, so we don’t have to wash it every time after, right?! We have some really cute hair clip options for you to choose from, but we also have some teleties if you prefer those instead. Just take your pick! We just love the hair clips because it gets the job done without leaving any creases in our hair once we take it back out. It’s the perfect solution!

Pool Bag Essential #4: Cloud Sandals

the best summer sandals that are waterproof and sweat resistant. www.loveoliveco.com

Cloud sandals!! How did we ever live without these before now? These are the ultimate pool or beach sandal because they are waterproof and sweat resistant. Possibly the best invented summer sandal ever. You can keep it nice and neutral with our white cloud sandals, or add some sunshine with a yellow pair instead. Or one of both because why not?! These ideal summer sandals are true to size, so add them to your cart and then spend the rest of the day dreaming about how much better your life will be once you have them!

Pool Bag Essential #5: Sunglasses

large black sunglasses perfect for the beach or pool. www.loveoliveco.com

If you’re wanting a new pair of sunglasses, look no further! Our Squared Up Sunglasses are equal parts cute and protective. It has a nice squared lens with bold black frames to really make a statement. We can’t wait for you to be soaking up the sun all summer long with these sunnies on your face. You won’t have a worry in the world with these on. OK, they aren’t actually magical, but they sure look like it!!

5 Pool Bag Essentials You Can’t Go Without

We can’t wait for you to enjoy your pool days this summer! And now you’ll be set with these 5 pool bag essentials you can’t go without. It may even be worth it to order two of some things so you can keep one with you at all times and not have to worry about transferring the items from pool bag to car to purse… It’s up to you!! We just want to make your life as easy and enjoyable as we can because you deserve it!

We also have some super cute swimwear you will want to add to your collection, which you can check out HERE! Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco to be the first to know of our new collections and styles that are released weekly!

pool bag essentials you don't want to live without. www.loveoliveco.com
5 pool bag essentials you can't go without. www.loveoliveco.com
five pool bag items you need. www.loveoliveco.com
must-have pool days to make them so much better. www.loveoliveco.com