5 Looks for Baseball Game Outfits

5 Looks for Baseball Game Outfits

5 Looks for Baseball Game Outfits 

Well, we are full on Fall now and you know what that means?! Baseball games. Whether you have a team you support, or you just like to have a night out on the town, baseball games are always a fun choice for this early Fall season! With that in mind, of course we need something cute to wear for it. Here are our 5 looks for baseball game outfits. 

Baseball Outfit #1: Audrey Dress - Brick

We are in love with this audrey dress for many reasons. It has a functional drawstring, pockets, and is made with the most buttery soft material! This is such a cute and comfortable outfit for a baseball game. Not to mention the color and stripes just sing, “Take me out to the ball game!” 

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Baseball Outfit #2: Must Have Tee - Heather Grey

Here’s a nice neutral tee perfect for an outdoor event. It’s cozy and can be paired with so many different things since grey matches almost everything. You could even add your favorite hair accessory to finish off the outfit. Pair this with a med. wash pair of jeans and you could be in the running for best dressed at a baseball game. 

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Baseball Outfit #3: Venus Tee - Striped Multi

This one is also a tee, but pops with color! This one is for the girl who loves to stand out with her outfits and her personality. This tee will make you feel even more comfortable in your own skin. It’s casual enough for a baseball game yet memorable enough that people will wish they had the same shirt! 

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Baseball Outfit #4: Baseball Hat - Love the Earth

How can you go to a baseball game without a baseball hat? Our ‘love the earth’ hat is one of our favorite products! It has a good message, matches nicely with almost any outfit, and puts you in that mood for an outdoor activity. If you're not a hat person, we say don't knock it til you try it! 

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Baseball Outfit #5: Overalls - Jazzy

We love a good pair of overalls. You can have so much fun styling them in so many different ways! If you feel bold like we did, you can match a nice pair of combat boots with it--or a cute pair of sneakers would look amazing as well. You could even wear these with one of the tees mentioned above! So cute. 

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Which one of these 5 looks for baseball game outfits is your favorite?! We’d love to see what you put together for that next baseball game (or whatever the occasion may be). Follow us on Instagram @loveoliveco and send us your favorite Love Olive Co looks! 


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